Making Progress in Small Steps


It was a good day today, a very nice Christmas.  Breakfast and dinner with my son, gifts….We hung out together for a good part of the day.  Got his computer set up and working. I asked him if he thought I should invite his dad for dinner.  He looked at me like I was kind of crazy and said, “No……”

Progress is made in very small steps, I guess.

I went to my friend’s house this evening to take part in her huge family celebration.  Her family treats me as one of it’s own.  I have spent Christmases and Thanksgivings with them for years, since I left my marriage.  It’s loud and noisy and there are little children playing, pregnant nieces due any day, and tons of food and drink.  It’s so much fun, so lovely to be included in that wonderful chaos with such an incredible undercurrent of love running through it.

Crazier still, to be sitting in her kitchen with all the windows and doors open.  It was downright warm today!  There is a lake in town, I lived on it for 30 years with my ex.  Last December it was frozen almost all of December, with ice boats and hockey games on it all the time.  Today some of my friends launched their boat, and went water skiing with a Santa Suit on!  It was on the news!

I made plans to go out tomorrow night with a single girlfriend.  It will be fun, I’m looking forward to that.  But I hope to get a walk in sometime tomorrow and walk off some of this food, lol.  I felt good at my friends tonight, because family members I hadn’t seen in a long time noticed my weight loss. 🙂  There is so much food in my house right now though, I will have to work at keeping it off.  I’d like to drop another 10 lbs before I go to Florida in March.

Working still, continuously, on focusing my energy on what is, and acceptance, and holding the experiences of the past year in my hands and my heart.  This too, is a work in progress.  And progress in this work is also measured in small steps.  But we move forward, a little bit at a time.

Getting Through The Day

This describes weekends for me.  I got through Saturday ok.  Sunday has been a real struggle.  It will be nice when I can make it through the whole weekend. I guess one day is progress. Never thought I’d be glad to see Monday come.  I guess the good news is that I made it through.  Next weekend I’ll try to sleep through Sunday morning, that seems to be meltdown time.

Peace out.