Easy Peasy

Today was a good day.  It was beautiful.  I got to go to the cove for lunch.  I stayed pretty grounded all day.  I am getting caught up at work.  I texted with A for quite awhile.  He’s been without cell service for a few days, but has it where he is today.  That was nice.

At one point I asked him where he was.  Then I apologized, kind of, for asking, saying, I just wondered.  Feeling like I was asking too personal a question.  Trained by S, “what are you, writing a book?”  Always with the secrets, never wanting to share much more than what he had to.  (This automatic reaction that I had asked to personal a question only comes from S.  I never asked my ex, because either I already knew, or if I didn’t know, I knew he’d lie to me.  Just to lie.)

A answered me and sent a pic.  And then said, “It’s really nice that you ask.  It means a lot to me that you are following my adventures.”

A girl could get attached to someone like that.

Seems it should be just that easy.  Ask a question, get an answer.  No games, no pulling back, no pushing forward.  Give and take.

That’s what I’m searching for.  Easy.  Passionate. Loving.

There is a kid at work, he’s 28 maybe.  Just a bit older than my son.  He’s an electronics engineer.  Before he came to work there, right out of college, he’d never been on a plane.  Now he’s been to China, Korea…  He’s the greatest kid.  Whenever I need him to do something, he always says, “Oh that’s EASY.  Easy Peasy.”

That’s what I want.  Easy Peasy.

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