Cold Blue Eyes (Ice)

Those eyes,

Those cold blue eyes.

I wanted to swim in them,

I loved when they gazed upon me,

The corners turned up with a small grin.

Little did I know

That they were a reflection of a heart

As cold as an Arctic iceberg.

They were the tip of it,

Fooling me,

Teasing me

(we only tease the people we like….)

I thought they were a piece of the ocean

that I loved so much.

That I’d found a place

A person

whose eyes reflected my own passion.

Unbeknownst to me

Danger lay below them,

Life threatening,

Heart wrenching

Mind numbing danger.

I sailed right into them,

In fact,

I dove.

Head first

To find that they were cold blue ice,

masking a monumental block of

frigid ice.

That thaws only when it’s hurt.

And I could not hurt it.

And so…

I froze to death,

in it’s shadow.

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