Actually Did Find Some Balance

I went to a group meditation in town this morning.  It is a new group, there were about a dozen of us.  It was a guided meditation, and was very nice, lasting about an hour.  The woman who guided it said it was her spiritual teacher’s birthday and this was her way of paying tribute.

After it was over, we each shared our feelings about it.  Most of the participants were not experienced with group meditation, but really, that’s how I learned to meditate.  I used to go to a weekly group.  We would lay on mats on the floor, with blankets, in the dark.  The facilitators would talk for awhile, we would contribute to the conversation, and then they would play crystal bowls for about an hour.  They had about a dozen, it was really lovely.

What I shared this morning, was that I loved the intensity of the meditation.  The energy of a dozen people participating is not 12 times the energy of a single person alone.  The energy increases exponentially, so that the energy of 12 people becomes more like 1200.  There is each person, and whatever they bring to it, and then there are the spirit entities that accompany them.  The energy increases exponentially.

It can be pretty amazing.  I could feel that spiritual guidance I have called upon so often this week, in more intensity, as everyone called in their own guides.

The girl at whose yoga studio this meditation took place knew my friends who do the gong baths.  We began to talk about the sweat lodge that they also put on, and I told her they are having one next Saturday, and I was considering going.  I’ve been once before and found it to be the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had.  However, you have to be able to give up a whole weekend day to it, because you come home so exhausted, emotionally and physically.  Since next weekend is a 4 day weekends, I am really considering going. I think it would do me a lot of good.

The girl I went with works with me.  I knew she had an interest in learning to meditate, and I offered to go with her, thinking that after all the drama/trauma of the week, a second group meditation after the gong bath might be good for me.  After it was over we chatted in the parking lot, and she said, “I keep wondering if I did it….”  Then she said, “I was surprised how fast the time went though. I thought it was about 20 minutes and the hour was up.”  I said, “Then you did it!  Because you escaped the time space continuum, if an hour turned into 20 minutes.”  It was fun to see her register that she may have visited another plane of existence for awhile.

After the meditation, I went to the grocery store with the rest of the town, lol, to do Thanks giving shopping.  And of course ran into a couple of my really good friends there, and had to stop and talk.  Finally, my son called  said, “Are you coming home Mom?”  LOL.  I have done a lot of bonding in the  pasta sauce aisle.

Talked to a good friend on the phone about our love lifes, or lack thereof, lol.  My cousin came over, and is starting a blog.  I will post a link to her blog when she puts up a post.

It’s a good day.  Feeling that I maybe achieved some of the balance I was looking for this morning.

Love and light.




4 responses to “Actually Did Find Some Balance

  1. Your day sounds wonderful! and it was wonderful to talk with you! I have my own meditation space in my living-room, was going to a Buddhist center over in New Hampshire for a while but it was a little too far to drive, hope I can find one in my area soon but I do love going to the Hindu Temple to sit, very peaceful place and full of positive energy. Love you. M.

    • I don’t have a space designated in my house, but I do try to give it 15 minutes every morning. Sometimes at lunch. Depends what’s going on. I love group meditations. If you come visit we should plan it when there’s s gong bath. I bet you’d love it. 😊

      • I’m sure I would love it! I go to a gong meditation on occasion put on by a guy named Todd Glacey, he is amazing! I do at least two hours of meditation a day, sometimes longer if I can fit it in. I went to a three day silent retreat at the Buddhist center last August, it was amazing, can’t wait to do it again, sat in the shrine for 8 hours one day, lots of really weird things come up when you sit that long!! 🙂

        • I bet! OMG. I work 9 hr days, plus an hr driving. 15 minutes is all I can do. But the gong baths, there are 8 gongs, lots of bowls and other cool vibrational stuff and yes!!!! All kinds of cool and amazing stuff happens. 3 days of silence would probably be good for me. Lol. I gave way too many words sometimes. Lol. Xo

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