Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Art


This is a Stream of Consciousness Saturday post.  The writing prompt this week is “Art”.  for more information on this fun writing prompt, see  Linda Hill has a great blog, and great ideas for writing prompts.  This is my second attempt at her SoCS.


A picture was painted this morning
By the artist-at-large
In this world.

It is a sensory work of art,
the green of the leaves on the trees,
The blue of the sky
the scent of lavender,
the cool, almost imperceptible breeze,
rustling the leaves,
gently caressing my body.
The rich cup of coffee in front of me.
The sound of birds singing,
Neighbors dogs barking
And oddly the sound of cars on the road in the far distance.

I try to recreate the painting
With my words.
I try to make the reader feel it,
Because it seems too fabulous not to share.

I suppose that is what art is, to me.
The sharing of our emotions in such a way
As to evoke a similar response
Or a response at all,
From someone else.

I love art that makes me feel.
I love a book, or a post, or a movie, or a painting,
Or a piece of jewelry or pottery or a poem
That can make me cry, or laugh hysterically.

I want to feel.
Feeling lets me know I’m alive.
Art lets me know I’m alive,
When it makes me feel.
Inspires me to feel.

I hope that I also do that
In some small way
With my art.
With my writing,
Or my jewelry.
I hope it inspires people to feel.
Mostly to feel good.
To broaden their perspective,
To lift their gaze.

Or, just leaves someone a little happier for having run across it.
Art, is, it seems,
A wonderful way to extend love in this world.

Actually Did Find Some Balance

I went to a group meditation in town this morning.  It is a new group, there were about a dozen of us.  It was a guided meditation, and was very nice, lasting about an hour.  The woman who guided it said it was her spiritual teacher’s birthday and this was her way of paying tribute.

After it was over, we each shared our feelings about it.  Most of the participants were not experienced with group meditation, but really, that’s how I learned to meditate.  I used to go to a weekly group.  We would lay on mats on the floor, with blankets, in the dark.  The facilitators would talk for awhile, we would contribute to the conversation, and then they would play crystal bowls for about an hour.  They had about a dozen, it was really lovely.

What I shared this morning, was that I loved the intensity of the meditation.  The energy of a dozen people participating is not 12 times the energy of a single person alone.  The energy increases exponentially, so that the energy of 12 people becomes more like 1200.  There is each person, and whatever they bring to it, and then there are the spirit entities that accompany them.  The energy increases exponentially.

It can be pretty amazing.  I could feel that spiritual guidance I have called upon so often this week, in more intensity, as everyone called in their own guides.

The girl at whose yoga studio this meditation took place knew my friends who do the gong baths.  We began to talk about the sweat lodge that they also put on, and I told her they are having one next Saturday, and I was considering going.  I’ve been once before and found it to be the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had.  However, you have to be able to give up a whole weekend day to it, because you come home so exhausted, emotionally and physically.  Since next weekend is a 4 day weekends, I am really considering going. I think it would do me a lot of good.

The girl I went with works with me.  I knew she had an interest in learning to meditate, and I offered to go with her, thinking that after all the drama/trauma of the week, a second group meditation after the gong bath might be good for me.  After it was over we chatted in the parking lot, and she said, “I keep wondering if I did it….”  Then she said, “I was surprised how fast the time went though. I thought it was about 20 minutes and the hour was up.”  I said, “Then you did it!  Because you escaped the time space continuum, if an hour turned into 20 minutes.”  It was fun to see her register that she may have visited another plane of existence for awhile.

After the meditation, I went to the grocery store with the rest of the town, lol, to do Thanks giving shopping.  And of course ran into a couple of my really good friends there, and had to stop and talk.  Finally, my son called  said, “Are you coming home Mom?”  LOL.  I have done a lot of bonding in the  pasta sauce aisle.

Talked to a good friend on the phone about our love lifes, or lack thereof, lol.  My cousin came over, and is starting a blog.  I will post a link to her blog when she puts up a post.

It’s a good day.  Feeling that I maybe achieved some of the balance I was looking for this morning.

Love and light.




Spinning Wheel Spins

Spinning wheel

spinning the thread that is my life.

Longer with every passing moment.

Imperfections in the thread

Mark the changes.








Only I know the whole story.

But if you show up in my life

I will share it with you.

If you show up in my life,

And share yours with me.

Let the spinning wheel spin.


I am a fan of Oprah’s show SuperSoulSunday.  She has had a lot of incredible teachers on this show, and I’ve learned so much from them.  This morning she had a re-run of the interview with John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods.  At the end of the show she did “Soul to Soul” with him where she asked him a set of questions she asks all her guests.

One of the questions is “What is the lesson that has taken you the longest to learn?”  He said,and I am paraphrasing, “The lesson I continue to learn, over and over, is that we have a wake.  Our actions ripple out in ways that affect people and our world in ways we will never know, can never imagine.  So I keep learning that I have to be kind, that I have a responsibility to make sure that what ripples out from me helps people, is positive, and doesn’t hurt anyone.”

All I could think is, wow, so true.  Everything we do ripples out.  Sometimes we see the results, or some of the results.  Sometimes we have no idea.

I remember when I was introduced to “cord cutting”.  It’s a thing you can do, a kind of ceremony, calling in your guides, archangels etc., and cut the energetic cords which connect you to someone.  It is done with love, never hate. Never ill feeling.  I did it to help free myself from my ex.  I went to a group meditation, and imagined cutting the energetic cords which bound us and came from that long dysfunctional relationship.  I imagined the two of us flying around saying “Good bye, maybe I’ll see you, maybe I won’t.  Have a good life…” And I felt freer from that negativity than I ever had when the meditation was over.  Which I thought was the end result.

But a few days later, my ex showed up at the front door of the condo I was renting.  I wasn’t home but my son was.  He got out of his car, and his father said to him. “I apologize for everything I ever did to you…..”  For a few short months it lasted, they had a relationship, until his father slipped back into  his old ways, and began to play with his son’s life and emotions again.

I will always believe that it was a ripple out of the cord cutting I did with  him.  At the time I said to someone, telling the story…”You throw a stone in the water, you never know what will ripple up on the shore.”  I like the idea of us leaving a wake behind us…..same idea, but it seems a more powerful representation.

And I love the idea, the truth, that we have a responsibility to not hurt others, to make sure that what washes up on the shores of the rest of humanity lifts them and shines light on them.