This is the quest, is it not?  To connect in a heart-felt, whole-hearted, deep way with other people, with other souls.  It is the reason behind almost everything we do.  Brene Brown has her finger on the pulse of this.  So I’m putting up some of the things she has to say about it.



conncection energy

Everything is energy, different levels, different vibrations.  I believe the energy of connection is one of the highest levels that we as spiritual beings having a human experience, can achieve.

And finally…..




2 responses to “Connection

    • Right now, she resonates with me more than any other teacher. She is so articulate, in a way I can totally relate to. Her trilogy of books has had such a profound impact on my life. I’m glad you find her inspiring too. And truth is, connection has nothing to do with distance, does it? 🙂 You and I are so connected, and so far from each other. xo

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