Cleaning House, Frozen Pipes….UGH.

I spent my day off more or less productively.  I got done what I’d said I would.  Got my two spare bedrooms cleaned, and my hallway carpet.  I found a bag full of clothes in my size that hadn’t fit me, and I had stuffed them away “for when they fit”.  LOL.  Always the plan, to get into these smaller clothes at some point.  Well, I took them out and I found a new pair of pants, two pairs of shorts, and two shirts and a jacket that fit.  Cool….Most of them still had tags on them!

And I made some cookies.  They are called “pecan clouds” and are basically meringue stuffed with pecans.  One of my and my son’s favorite cookies.  Not a ton of sugar, but really good.  If you like pecans.

Now I’m having a drink.  The energy spike about his health comes and goes, but I’ve gotten some assistance with it, which is greatly appreciated.

It’s been so frigid here for the last 2 days. Lows well below 0, highs in the 10’s.    The pipes to my washing machine are inside a common wall with the garage which is not heated, and have frozen.  I thawed them out with the hair dryer, ran a load of laundry, and they froze again.  So, thawing them again. It should warm up enough tonight that they won’t do it anymore.

And it’s snowing again, and going to change to rain, which will freeze.  The temp tomorrow will be 70° higher than yesterday.  WTF.

Fun.  Winter fun.  It’s a chapter in my book, “Why I want to live in Florida”.  LOL.


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