Cleaning House, Frozen Pipes….UGH.

I spent my day off more or less productively.  I got done what I’d said I would.  Got my two spare bedrooms cleaned, and my hallway carpet.  I found a bag full of clothes in my size that hadn’t fit me, and I had stuffed them away “for when they fit”.  LOL.  Always the plan, to get into these smaller clothes at some point.  Well, I took them out and I found a new pair of pants, two pairs of shorts, and two shirts and a jacket that fit.  Cool….Most of them still had tags on them!

And I made some cookies.  They are called “pecan clouds” and are basically meringue stuffed with pecans.  One of my and my son’s favorite cookies.  Not a ton of sugar, but really good.  If you like pecans.

Now I’m having a drink.  The energy spike about his health comes and goes, but I’ve gotten some assistance with it, which is greatly appreciated.

It’s been so frigid here for the last 2 days. Lows well below 0, highs in the 10’s.    The pipes to my washing machine are inside a common wall with the garage which is not heated, and have frozen.  I thawed them out with the hair dryer, ran a load of laundry, and they froze again.  So, thawing them again. It should warm up enough tonight that they won’t do it anymore.

And it’s snowing again, and going to change to rain, which will freeze.  The temp tomorrow will be 70° higher than yesterday.  WTF.

Fun.  Winter fun.  It’s a chapter in my book, “Why I want to live in Florida”.  LOL.


Gettin’ It Done


Sunday Sunday.  Ok, I know the song is Monday Monday, but whatever, lol.  I sent to bed at 9:30, I slept til 7.  I was awake for about an hour  in the middle of the night, but that’s still a good night’s sleep.  Feeling way better, and less confused today.

I have been able to be productive today.  I got the house vacuumed, the floors mopped, the furniture dusted, well, some of it, lol.  I got my bedroom back to normal after having Maggie holed up there all last week.  And I just put a loaf of banana bread in the oven.  I still need to run to the store for bread.  I have not one piece of  bread, lol.  And I want to make a meatloaf for dinner, so I need bread.

Maggie is healing just fine, I am so grateful and happy.  I didn’t want her when I got her, but I got attached.  I was just done with pets, but now that she’s been here for 8 years…she’s a good little buddy.

It’s warm and pouring rain here today.  They have snow in the forecast for next weekend but I’m hoping they are wrong.  Because I don’t want any snow, and because I have a birthday party to go to that is about a half hour drive from here.  I would like to get through winter with no snow.  However that is pretty unlikely, lol.  It has never happened in my memory.

I am making plans to go to Florida in March for maybe a week.  I can’t wait.  I’m going to scout around the areas I’d like to live and check out the affordable neighborhoods.  And go to the beach.  As much as I can.  🙂

I am reading 2 books at the moment, one fiction, “All the Light We Cannot See” which is good but not what I expected.  And also “The Untethered Soul” by Marc Singer for my book club.  It seems to be a lot like The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which I read years ago and was life changing.  But it’s always good to get another take on it.

I have to pick our next book.  I think it might be The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown.  Or The Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.  Maybe we’ll take a vote.  I’ve read them both, but I can always re-read.  And I don’t think the others have read either of them.

I guess I’ll go and fold my laundry, while the bread bakes, before I go to the store.  I hope everyone is having a good day.