Wednesday Morning Musings

I’m an early riser. I usually wake up sometime around 5:30, give or take 15 or 20 minutes. The last two mornings it’s been slightly before. When they went to daylight savings time, I hated it because it meant dark mornings again for awhile. But the last two mornings, I have been able to see the first rays of daylight at 5:30. I know that means that soon, I’ll be able to sit out on the deck in the morning doing this, watching the sun rise. Can’t wait for that. It’s my favorite time of day.

I got a message from the new guy.  He said he forgot, when he told me he’d call me, that it would be Tuesday and he sings in a chorus, and had practice.  So will call me tonight. I answered him, “Ok, I’ll give you a pass. Chorus, you sing? I sang in high school, in the choir, and always at church. But haven’t in years. I still sing in the shower though! Talk to you later…”  He replied “Good morning Deb. Yes, I’ve been singing in the same group for over 30 years. I’d love to hear you sing in the shower, lol.”

So I think the conversation with him will be fun, I’m looking forward to it.

I made the date with the realtor for pictures tentatively for Monday. She’s going to stop over on Sunday sometime and sign the paperwork. So I will be live on Zillow sometime next week! Just pray for me, that it sells quickly and easily. I want to get to Florida.

The house looks good, my son promises his space will be done by Sunday night. He’s off Sunday so hopefully it’s true. I am sure I’ll have to assist, lol.

I talked to my brother-in-law about the insurance on my house, and I swear, insurance is so fear-based!!!! It is terrifying when you start to think about all the things that could happen!! Especially in Florida, where they have terrible hurricanes and tornadoes, and floods. My house is 20′ above sea level, so I’m above the flood plain. And my roof is new, but the house is old. I probably have some worry if there’s a hurricane, but tornadoes are rare that close to the ocean. Of course, there have been huge water spouts seen in Tampa  Bay, which is where the town I will live sits

water-spoutThis is an actual water spout in Tampa Bay in 1995

Well there’s always some worry, no matter where you live. We get hurricanes in Connecticut too, and blizzards, and a tornado once in a great while. There was what they called a microburst about 20 years ago right in my small town. It took down a tree in my yard and totaled a car. My ex saw a waterspout on the lake right in front of our house once on a windy day.

So let it be what will be. I still can’t wait to live where there is never winter. Never to shovel snow again. Or have the buggars freeze in my nose, lol.

Life it good. Love and light, everyone.





8 responses to “Wednesday Morning Musings

  1. Having the buggers freeze in your nose…hilarious. When I was in Boston, my face would freeze..literally. I would try to smile and nothing happened.
    I had a really hard time finding somebody to insure my house in Florida….it was frame and had a crawlspace. I finally found a carrier and it cost me an arm and a leg. I really didn’t have to insure it because it was paid for and I considered just taking a chance….alarms and fire extinguishers. I don’t think my particular area had ever been exposed to a hurricane and I wasn’t in a flood-prone area either.
    Maybe do that “challenge me” thing or whatever it is. One thing that helps is if you have your car and your house together.

    • I guess there was a time when no one would insure there. So the state stepped in and created their own insurance co. My sis and her hubby have someone they really like and is good, meaning they pay. Lol. So he said the quote should be under $1000. I don’t think I’ll do wind mitigation. That’s apparently very expensive, and my roof is new. Don’t need flood insurance. So just standard homeowners. Mine too is frame with a crawl space. So we’ll see, but it’s easier now to get it than it used to be. Yes, I’ll add my cars when I move down there.

      • I had a new roof put on my house and thought about the discount for “wind mitigation.” It requires a qualified contractor to come out and do the inspection. By the time you pay him, the saving you get on your insurance policy would take you ten years to recoup. The man who put the roof on my house had it done and he still hadn’t recouped the cost so he advised against it…besides, I had a “hip” roof, which automatically generated a pretty good discount.

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