Haiku No. 109: Dreams Come True (6 parts) (Essay at the bottom)

Tonight, white wine soothes
So many endings in sight
Much pain I’ve let go.

So many dreams, dreamed.
So much heartache is over
So much love, still there.

Red wine is too bold
Tonight, I seek the subtle.
Slow, easy movement.

Letting go, fully
Allowing in the pictures,
universal dreams.

Oh, life! Had I known
Years past, how easy it was
To make dreams come true.

What we dream in sleep
Can come true in waking hours.
Surrender, it’s yours.
This haiku set comes from the day. I undid a lie. If there’s an order to lies, from large to small, it was small. But if there’s no order to them, and I believe there’s not, it was just another lie. It was, in my opinion, a lie, just like all the other myriad of lies over the last year.  I undid it, seeking just to stop it from cycling through my head. Over and over and over, like a 45 record with a scratch.

When I did that, my world immediately, if not sooner, opened up in the direction of my dreams. I received an offer on the house, a cash offer, rare in these parts, and when I countered today they accepted my counter. Soon I will be free of all of the triggers that make me remember and feel all the pain.  Things which kept me tied to the past, in an unhealthy way.  These things will cease to exist.

Avalon. The place of healing, of making new starts. Of new beginnings. 11, the portal to new energy. All these things matter to me. I’m going to Avalon, in two months. Since every thing else I have wanted has manifested, I am sure the things I dream about there will also.

Love and light……


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