SoCS: View

The poem below is written for the prompt Stream of Consciousness Saturday, or SoCS.  It’s hosted by Linda G. Hill.  If you’d like to try it, check out her page for all the information.




To see. An opinion.
What you see looking out the window.
A year ago, I looked out the window
And the view was my dream.

11 months ago, the view went gray
And dismal.
A thick gray wind
Blew in off Long Island Sound
And hung around
for awhile.

Thought it blew away
with the new year.
For a few weeks,
The view was clear again.

But then the view turned into winter.
Cold, ice, snow.
Harsh winds blew in.
Window slammed shut
Shades pulled,
Curtain drawn.
Hunkered down,
Asking, Why?
The answer lay in the selfish, self absorbed grayness.
An answer, hidden from view.

Packed a bag and left town.
Heading for a warmer view.
Transition underway.

Leaving the winter view behind,
And the ice, and the icy hearts
No more slip-sliding on the sidewalks
in that mystic town of whaling ships and old fishermen.

Going, going, gone
Where the view is of manatee, dolphins
And soothing breezes rustling the palms.
Where the water is warm,
Icy winds never blow,
And thick gray mysts never hide the truth.

By Deborah E. Dayen

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