Intimacy Issues

Been thinking a lot about this…what is intimacy, really?  And why are so many people afraid of it?  Afraid of the difficult but fulfilling conversation that leads to true understanding of another?  Why does some conversation, meant to be an opportunity to let another know who you are, become an attack on another?  Why do people pretend to have intimate conversations via text and email, instead of taking time in their busy lives to talk to someone they feel intimate with, on any level?

Is it because the electronic communication makes us feel protected from hurt?  Does it put another layer of resistance between, a speaking to, without actually looking in the eyes, or at least, hearing the words?  Is it because a text can so easily be ignored, and explained away?  “Oh I didn’t see your text?”  “I didn’t understand what you were asking.”  “I was busy…”  “I didn’t check my email today yet.”

All could be true.  And all could be a way to avoid intimacy.  Why? Why do we mistake physical intimacy for personal, emotional, spiritual intimacy?

Questions, questions.  There may be more to come on this….Lots of questions, few answers.