Halloween Dog Treats? Really?

Call me a Halloween grinch. I am watching the Today show. I don’t normally watch TV in the morning or daytime, at all, but I’m still nursing this bug….

Anyway, they were having what I thought was a segment on making Special Halloween treats for your Halloween party this weekend. I missed most of the segment, because I wasn’t paying attention. I was walking around the house, and also trying to get comfortable on the couch because not going to therapy all week for my back and neck, combined with this bug has given me some uncomfortable issues this morning, that while not disabling, are irritating me. (The good news was that I slept through the night, first time all week, so things are on an upswing.)

I started watching and they had this tray full of little cannolis, that they were decorating for Halloween. Cute, I thought, but a lot of work for even an adult Halloween Party. But you know, some people get into that. Maybe they have a short cut to the pastry? They also had a tray of what looked to be small Halloween colored moon pies. I thought, ok, those are nice for your party. After all, a lot of Halloween parties will be tonight, the Saturday before Halloween.

But what they were making was DOG TREATS that looked like cannolis, and colorful moon pies. And decorated them all up for Halloween. In case “you want to spoil your dog a little bit.”

Please tell me. PLEASE. Would a dog know or fucking care if you took his dog treat, cut it like a canoli, painted it with frosting, and said, Oh look what I did for you?  Would that really be a way to spoil your dog?  Do you think they’d get the message?   I mean, even a 2 year old might appreciate the effort slightly, and even if they didn’t you’d have a good picture to torture them with in 15 years.  BUT A DOG?

If you hand a dog a dog treat that took you 5 or 10 minutes to make cute and Halloweenie stop first and say, “OH WAIT! (RUFF RUFF). I WANT TO SHOW MAX NEXT DOOR WHAT YOU DID FOR ME!!” Will the dog exclaim,  “(RUFF!!) OH MOM! THIS (RUFF) IS MY FAVORITE DOG TREAT EVER!” Is the dog going to savor it, panting and drooling on the floor, lick the frosting off first, put it in his bowl and roll it around with his tongue so he can admire your work in detail, exclaiming his joy that you thought to do this for him?

NO NO NO!!!! He’s going to do the requisite number of barks to say please, and then he’s going to snarf that sucker into his mouth and swallow it in 3 seconds flat.

And then lick all the crumbs off the floor.  Along with anything else that’s on the floor.

Will he then thank you for you effort? Will he say, Oh give me an orange one next? Will he want another? YES, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT DOGS DO. If the dog treat looked like a turd, he would eat it just as quickly, with just as much excitement, and with just as much gratitude.

Honest to God, I’m all for cute things for our kids, or even other people’s kids. Or my friends.  But to spend an hour decorating dog treats to show them how much I love them? THEY WON’T GET THE MESSAGE FROM A CANNOLI-SHAPED AN DECORATED DOG TREAT. And if you think that they might, I think that you have some issues.

Ok, Rant over. I apologize if I offended anyone.


Note:  I searched their website but the segment is too new to be up there yet.  If I can find a picture there later, I will post it, and you can decide for yourself


Monday Morning Musings.


I have 4 ginormous bags of candy for Halloween.  About 800 pieces of small candies.  I get about 300 trick-or-treaters.  I live in a very family oriented development, lots of kids. It’s one long street that loops around, maybe 150 homes, well lit.  People bring carloads of kids here and drop them off.

Usually my best friend comes over and hands out candy with me, we sit on my front steps with a drink and have fun talking to and seeing the kids in their costumes.  This year, we both forgot it was Saturday night, she’s not sure her husband didn’t make plans, so I still have to find that out.  Another friend said she might stop by.  But if no one can come, I may ask Jim, the new guy if he wants to come do it with me.

I’m not sure I’m ready to have him at my house.  But I suppose I will know better by the end of the week, when we’ve been out a couple more times.  We have lunch tomorrow, and dinner on Friday night.  He actually made me smile, he wanted to go to lunch, but he said, “I don’t want to give up Friday night though…”  He actually called me yesterday morning to see if I could meet him again for coffee.  I declined, I was making plans to go out and run errands with a friend.  That would probably have been too much for me, too soon, to see him both days of the weekend.  I really have to take this slow.  But it was really pleasant for me to know he wants to see me, that he enjoys my company. I enjoy his, but my heart is so guarded right now.  I want to take my time, and let it open in it’s own time.  It’s open to “like” right now.  Not to passion, but to “like”. Passion too soon gets me in a lot of trouble anyway, lol.  Anyway, he is in the middle of his divorce, not done with it yet. I was a bit concerned about that, but as we talked, I could tell his marriage is definitely over, and just the details of splitting assets etc have to be completed. It’s not a problem for me at the moment, I am not feeling attached at this point.

I have book club tomorrow night.  I always enjoy that, being with 4 of my best friends, talking about our books, and the way our spiritual journeys have impacted our lives.  Yesterday I immersed myself in the book.  Also watched a marathon of Oprah’s new series “Belief” which ended with Louis Schwartzberg’s short film “Gratitude”.  If you get a chance, watch it on youtube, it’s an amazing piece of film.  All of it helped me in moving forward.

I’m feeling at peace this morning.  I have been doing the Ho’oponopono (inspired by Megan) and will continue to .  It is healing for both you and the one you direct it to.  I feel this morning that I have a deeper understanding of unconditional love, and how I can feel it without attachment.  I think I have found my center again.  I have also been doing self reiki, knowing that my heart chakra has been blocked for some time.  One of the members of my book club also performs reiki, I may ask her to give it to me.  It is more effective for me I think, than self-reiki.  At least, right now.

Just some Monday morning musings.  Love and light, all.