Just a Kiss

He kissed her that first day,

Sweet and tender.

He held her, and she him.

It held so much promise.

She looked for it, anxiously

every moment they were together.

But it became elusive.

She searched,

She waited.

Small kisses goodbye

but not like that first day.

With passion and longing and desire.

Then one day he thought he would lose her

and he kissed her again

with longing and desire.

There it was.  Out of the shadows.


But then, inexplicably, it ran back to lurk in the shadows 

She knew it was there,

She reached for it

She could never find it.

In fact, after awhile she couldn’t even find a hint of it.

Not a clue.

It was just a memory,

Slowly receding from view.

Soon it was gone,

and he was gone.

And so, in the end,

She was gone too.

Looking for that elusive kiss

From someone not afraid to be seen.

Or to feel

Or to take the chance.

It was just a kiss.

It will be just a kiss.

Just a kiss.