Dawn’s Silent Song


There is only the silence of the dawn
Singing gently in my ears.
Singing a song that takes me back
To sweet, and sad, memories,
Early morning coffee and conversation
Wrapped in snugly blankets
To keep winter’s cold off bare skin.

Dawn’s same song says there’s more to come
Different, but loving
Unsure, but hopeful
Sweetness, without the sadness.
A chance to love again.

Sing the song, beautiful dawn.
Lead me to that place of knowing
Help me to find joy from within
And a true lover to share it with.

To Take the Risk, or Not


There is a risk,
In everything

Isn’t there?
Letting go.

The risks I’ve taken
Were always scary.
I weighed the risks.
The possibility of loss
The possibility of gain.

Some of them
Worked out.
Some of them,
At least,
Not the way I wanted.

But I know,
Beyond all
That if I didn’t take the chance,
If I didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable to loss
There was no chance to gain.

I’d rather lose 100 times
With the chance to gain once,
Than to stay stagnant,
And wondering,
What if I had taken that chance?
What if I’d asked the question
And the answer was yes?