Stepping Away From The Edge This Morning

stay away from the edge

The edge is off this morning.  I slept fairly well, without any help from Ambien, though I did have my weird drink which may have helped.  It’s a new day.  A COLD one, and it’s snowing again.  Which makes it every day this week, 4 days, it has snowed.  Thankfully not a lot.  But it gets old, just like when it rains all week.  They say this weekend it won’t snow, but the overnight lows will be -2°F.  That’s frigging cold.


I think I need to focus on gratitude today.  I have so much to be grateful for.  And I forget, at times, like last night.  Like when I’m bitching about the snow and cold.  I have a warm house, a lovely house, a decent car, a decent job.  A family who loves me, and friends.  And my health, which while I have my issues (diabetes) they are well controlled and my overall health is fine.

When we come from a place where we have enough, we always have enough.  When we come from a place of lack, we will always lack.  Like Byron Katie says, I seem to always have exactly what I need.  I have enough.

It’s a wish I have for everyone, that they always have enough.  Enough food, heat, love, money, friends, family, hope, joy.  Enough.

I have  gong bath tonight.  My sound healing meditation, where I will spend an hour or so in some other place, allowing things that need releasing to release, healing my confused soul.  I am so looking forward to it.  It is timely, this one, but then…so often they are, there is always something to work on.  There is always another layer to peel off to find my way to my inner peace, to become more authentically myself, and the person I strive to be.

I’ve often said, I’ve never been addicted to anything, except coffee, lol.  Don’t mess with my morning coffee….  But maybe I’m addicted to the sound of 8 gongs crescendo-ing into a tsunami of sound and vibration.  If so, it’s an addiction I’ll hold on to, at least until I move to Florida.  Maybe I’ll have to buy a gong and hold my own down there.

Life looks much more hopeful this morning.  Love and light to all.





5 responses to “Stepping Away From The Edge This Morning

  1. You do need your own gong. There is a sound I love when listening to cantors at synagogues, that “ting!!!” has a beautiful resonance that just makes you go, “aaaah, be still my soul.” Step into the gap between thoughts, said Deepak Chopra. But make sure not to walk off the edge of the cliff.

    • It’s definitely the sound. The first heard it I was just checking it out because they were setting up somewhere I happened to be. I asked to hear the gong, and she horror fairly hard for me. My mouth gaped open and I said…ill be at the next one. And have missed very few since. It was 6 or so years ago. I’m glad you have a sound too. Sound healing is amazing

  2. Gong baths sound incredible (bah, why is it when I don’t intend a pun I can think of nothing else…?!). If you can’t find any in Florida you should definitely start your own.

    Gratitude is a wonderful awareness to have, and a great way to start your day ❤ x

    • Thanks Megan. Every time I type gong the phone prints Hong??? As if that’s a word? 🙄 but yes they are and they’ve really kept me sane and centered. It’s the sound…it just resonates through you, right to the core. You can’t hold onto a thought which doesn’t have its basis in truth when 8 of them are filling the room with sound. Gratitude, yes. I try to keep it as a default setting, lol.

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