Working Hard at Letting Go

I’m back from the gongs.  I kind of set an intention in keeping with my last few blogs, to let go of that which no longer serves.  I have done this on many levels, but if I want to fully cleanse myself, I need to do it at some very deep levels, where this attachment, this connection is hiding out.

I lay on my back for much of it.  Usually after about 5 or 10 minutes I am kind of curled into a fetal position, lol.  Tonight, I just wanted the vibrations to slide down and through my body, to enter everywhere there is a crack or a wound.  I kept thinking about, just let it go, just let it go, with love and light, just let it go.

This connection is hard-wired I am afraid.  I finally was asking for help from whatever spirits might be available, particularly Archangel Michael who has that awesome blue sword, to come in and cut the connections during the tsunami’s of sound .  In the vibration of the gongs, I could visualize the energy cords radiating out from me, and Archangel Michael gracefully slicing them all away from me.   I repeated the mantra, that I no longer want, no longer welcome, any energy connections from him.

I have done this before.  I did it with my ex husband and it worked quite well.  I have done it with S, and it works for a day, for an hour, for whatever, it’s never been permanent.  I asked that it be made permanent.  Regardless of it’s origin.  You may remember that my friend who is a medium suggested to me that he was my twin flame, and that’s why the connection couldn’t be broken.  I asked tonight that even if that’s the case, which I hope and pray it is not, that the connection must be able to be severed somehow.

I’m ok, for most of the time.  I don’t get sad, but I do get angry at the betrayal again, just of the last few weeks.  The dishonor he puts on me, saying the things he did, and on himself, and on her, not trusting her with the truth.  Seriously, an untruth honors no one.  But these are things I need to let go of on the deeper level.  I suppose I’m really angry at myself for believing him for those 3 weeks.  Believing that he’s gone low enough to change, that he’d hit his bottom and could now manifest the man I’ve always seen beneath his bullshit.

Well, now I know.  I don’t know what it is with him that when she shows up in his life he becomes a total asshole. Well, he does, that’s all.  It’s not m problem any more.

Often times, the effects of the gongs don’t show up right away.  Often the work shows up in the next few days, as your body absorbs and assimilates and adjusts.  So tonight I’m going to bed quite tired, quite exhausted, content, relaxed.  Knowing that I am doing the work that needs to be done to release myself.  I wished he weren’t so much on my mind tonight, but he was, so it is what it is.  I have to allow it and deal with it, and not bury it, or ignore it.  Let it in,  make it’s presence known and then, let it leave through the back door.

So here’s to letting go of stuff we don’t want, need, or serves us any purpose.  No matter what the origin.  There has to be a way, in this lifetime, to walk away from it 100%.  If anything can help, it will be the gongs.

12 responses to “Working Hard at Letting Go

  1. Oh, I do wish you the very best of luck with letting go and I hope the gongs were able to assist in that. The Florida trip is coming closer and closer in time, too! 😊
    I hope for both you and me, that we get to keep our strength so that we can make sure we keep to Truth, light and love.. and that we cast out everything that is untrue and uncaring, in our lives.. 💜

    • Ah survived, yes….the gongs have helped me so much in my life, by facilitating the deep deep meditation that enables this work. It’s certainly working, I am more removed this morning than ever from the events of the last few weeks.

      I took a girl I work with last night to the gongs. She had been asking to go, it was her first time. When it was over she said, “I can’t believe the whole office doesn’t go to this!! I never want to miss one!” Just blew her away. She’s half my age, and I think how lucky to have so much of her life ahead of her, and know what she knows.

      It’s important to find the practices that allow our strength to grow and our weaknesses to dissolve. Keep your light burning, and you’ll get through this tough time.

      • I am so glad you found that which works for you! I don’t think they have gongs here where I live, at least I hsve never heard of it before… I am not good with meditation of any kind.. I don’t know why…
        I have only found one thing which works for me and that is writing.. it makes me feel a lot better. Also, I am working on trying to get a more active life in general.. I have a plan but it goes slowly to set it in motion, cause of all the time I am required to put in at my job at the moment. Hugs and strength to you, friend! 😊

  2. I think it’s more that you’re addicted to him and trauma bonded and less about a hard-wired connection. Why else would we still have any interest in men that have hurt and disrespected us over and over? That’s the opposite of self-love. I promise time and continued NC will help. Hugs!

    • I don’t know. My ex-husband was much worse than Scott. I have no connection to him like I do Scott. Energetic connections can be very difficult to deal with I don’t really have an addictive type of personality I’ve never been addicted to anything. Except coffee LOL. I do a lot of stuff in the field of energy and I’m quite sensitive to it. I just feel like it’s a connection. There is a cord that runs between us and I keep trying to break but I’m never successful for more than a certain time The interest isn’t that I want to see him or miss him it’s just that I feel what he is feeling and I can’t get him out of my head. It’s crazy. But I’m going to do it I’m going to figure out how.

      • Oh believe me, I completely understand the connection. I still have it with P. Fortunately he has it too, so we both still feel each other’s emotions. I’m not the only one that has to deal with it lol. But I am learning to feel it and then just release it and let it go. That’s all I can do. Just keep letting him go with love and forgiveness in my heart and wish him well 🙏🏻

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