Sleep, sweet sleep. Ahhhh.


I can’t believe how well I’ve been sleeping.  Except for the night I went out dancing and drank a little too much.  But I’ve been getting 7 hours of good sleep every night, with no problem.

To me, the ability to sleep well is such an indicator of healing.  For months after and during all the drama with S, I was taking 10 mg of Ambien every night to get 5 or 6 hours of sleep, and it didn’t always work.  Now, I just go to sleep within minutes of turning my light out at night.  It shows me, more than anything, how much I have let go, forgiven, moved on.  It’s also helpful to know that I still have measures in place so that I can’t hear from, or get involved in any drama with, him or her.  The energy connection is still there, like the ringing in my ears (that I have because I am mostly deaf in one ear) but I am now able to just tune it out.  Never thought I could do that, but I can.

I messaged the Florida realtor last night, and told her I accepted the counter offer. The seller is going to hook up the gas to the stove/oven and to the hot water heater, which will cost her.  Plus she’s going to upgrade the electric at the same time.  So, I agreed that I’d meet her half way as she asked, between my original offer and my new offer.  I told the realtor, let’s get this done, I don’t want to fool around with it any more.

My house here won’t sell for what I’d hoped.  More than I bought it for but not enough to recoup all my money after I pay the realtor and state conveyance tax, which is 1% of the sale price.  But I’ll still be ok, there will still be enough there to do what I planned.

Moving on down the road.  And into the shower, gotta go to work.  🙂

Love and light.



6 responses to “Sleep, sweet sleep. Ahhhh.

    • Seems that’s true. When you let go of what pulls you backward, the trades seems to propel you forward. It’s very cool!! I know there’s a name for that in physics, like pulling on a rubber and and having it fly off, but the word escapes me at the moment. It’s all good though, for sure! 😊

  1. I am so glad you are getting good sleep! I can’t wait to get back to the days of good sleep. 🙂 I am quite far from that, but, I have hopes that it will get better. Am glad you are in a much better place. Hugs!!

  2. Wow – that first part of the post really resonated with me – when I was struggling over Bobby I had to take sleeping pills too and even at 10mg the ambien struggled to work! Now I fall asleep easily and wake rested. I love it.

    I totally agree it’s a sign of healing!

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