Questions (A Poem)


Do you know, she asked
How big is the space within my heart?
Or do you just guess
That it’s the same as the space in yours?

He looked at her quizzically.

She laughed.
“You, who has spent no time
trying to open your heart.
You have no idea
How much love it can hold.”

You can’t know,
If all you do is protect
The small perceived space
That you think your heart holds.

She smiled.
“Come see me,
When you are sick
Of being afraid.”

Afraid to be loved.
Afraid to love.
Afraid to feel.

“I’ll still be here…..
What you feel about me
Is none of my business.
But what I feel for you….
Makes me happy.”

He looked at her,
Questions galore in his beautiful eyes.
She smiled at him
Hiding nothing

He turned,
He could not meet her gaze.
He walked away.
She watched him,
And turned her gaze to the sea.

At that moment,
He stopped,
And looked back.

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