Working Through Some Stress

I have a headache. So far in the last few days I’ve had 2 killer headaches, pulled a muscle in my right SI joint, which was, is, my good leg, and for good measure, I had lower GI issues.


Before you tell me I better get my butt to the doctor, I will tell you I was just there last week, to discuss with her if there’s an alternative to insulin for me, and to get myself off of a diabetes med which I just found out has a black box warning. And to get some additional physical therapy for my back, which is the lingering issue I have with the whole spinal thing that resulted in surgery 18 months ago. Of course, I didn’t have a headache when I saw my dr., or lower GI stuff, or a pulled muscle. But I digress.

I think all these physical issues are primarily caused by COVID. My son and his family are better, just some lingering stuff like a cough, and exhaustion. And even that wouldn’t be such a big deal except that my grandson is about to join us in a few weeks. So yeah, I’ve been preoccupied with worry. But it’s not just him, it’s flying to CO while we hatch over 1,000,000 new cases a day. I haven’t seen my son for 2 years because I didn’t want to walk through an airport, but now I HAVE to go. I am, somewhere under all this worry, so excited to be there. I wouldn’t miss his birth for anything, which is obvious because I’m going.

But that brings a bunch of other minor stuff to obsess over. Like, I don’t own a winter coat. And I can’t seem to buy one in FL unless I’m willing to pay full price, which I’m not because I will not wear it again after I get home. Unless my son can convince me to go to CO again in the winter. But he might, so I’m leaving the coat I end up with in CO. Then there’s the slight problem I have walking through airports because I can’t really walk very far. However, I’ve been told that I can get on one of those golf car thingys and hitch a ride to baggage claim. My son will meet me there and I’ll be fine.

I also don’t have much in the way of warm clothes. But I bought enough layerable sweaters from Goodwill and from Amazon to get by. Like boots, and a warm robe, and some warm pj’s. And warm slippers.

Now add to this, I am going to be gone more than a month, and that makes me uncomfortable. After 2 years of staying home or at Dan’s, breaking isolation for a very occasional meal out when the Covid numbers were down. Once all my friends were vaccinated and boosted, we kind of thought we were safe and resumed our book club and writers group meetings. Now that we are somewhere around 80,000 cases a day here, we canceled them all again and will have them on Zoom again. Which is kinda nice, I’ll be able to attend if anyone can host the meetings.

Plus one of the lenses in my new glasses is loose, so I need to go get that fixed. Minor, but a hassle.

Then there’s Dan’s 95-year-old mother, whose newest obsession is that when she gets hot or chilly she’s sure she has Covid. Like 5 times a day, she’s calling him telling him in her weakest most frail voice to come over because she has Covid. He walks 80’ to her condo and adjusts the thermostat and Covid amazingly disappears. Please understand that she NEVER goes anywhere, and she’s told all her friends they can’t come over. It’s minor for me, but it’s really hard on Dan. It’s a constant undercurrent of our life together.

So, tonight I am sitting with my headache and realizing that I have let my worries spiral out of control. I’m feeling the physical manifestations of stressing myself out over this amazing gift of a grandson I am about to be given. I need to spend some time in grateful meditation. I need to breathe, in through the nose, out through the mouth. I need to eat good, nourishing food. I need to take a walk or ride the bike at the gym and work up a sweat and get my head into a better place.

If you made it this far as I work through this stuff, I thank you so much. My head already feels better. And I’m breathing.

Love and light everyone.

Happy New Year?? I’m Trying…..

New Year’s Eve, 2021

Covid is rampant, far beyond what anyone expected. My son’s family all came down with it Tuesday morning, from a small Christmas gathering. They are improving daily, and I’m hoping soon they’ll be fine.

But Covid is only one terrible story on this New Year’s Eve. Fires destroying hundreds of homes in Colorado. Winds packing gusts sometimes up to 100 mph. My son took his dog for a walk yesterday and a small kitten, he said about 6-8 months old, followed him home, thankfully with a collar and contact info with the phone number of the owner of the car. He said it was sitting under a tree (small tree) and shaking, because the wind was so wild. He kept it in the house with his family. The owner told him the cat was an outdoor cat, and she’d be home that afternoon. I don’t understand why someone would have a kitten, and leave it outside all the time. Cats are not safe by themselves outside (I’ve had a bunch of them over my lifetime), let alone a small kitten.

Then, again, Putin and Biden are posturing for problems. Sick of that shit.

Now that we have enough vaccines for everyone who wants one, we don’t have enough tests. The company my son works for sent his store about 25 rapid tests to keep there, for anyone on staff who felt symptoms coming on. I’m very grateful that he works for a forward thinking company. He’s been afraid they won’t be able to open for a few days, there are so many people out with Covid. He drove in on Tuesday just to take the test which was overwhelmingly positive, and went home, along with another employee who was exhibiting symptoms. So he’s home til he tests negative, which he thinks will be Monday.

I am just trying to avoid everyone, so I don’t sabotage my trip out to CO. I am supposed to host my book club and go to a writer’s group meeting next week, but I am bowing out of both. Too afraid. When I am safely to CO, I won’t be so paranoid. Florida is once again the hottest spot in the country this morning, with over 77,000 cases yesterday. And Omicron is so contagious, I feel if there’s one person out of 5 or 6 that was exposed, almost everyone in that group will get it. They went to the girlfriend’s best friends parents home, where they go every Christmas. It was him, his girlfriend and their daughter, then the friend, her parents, her sister and brother-in-law. One of them had the virus, not yet symptomatic, and by Sunday night they began falling one by one. The OBGYN told my daughter-in-law not to worry, that the baby is pretty much fully developed by now (she’s 36 weeks). And she is vaccinated, so she feels pretty safe.

So, I am wary, even of my friends, all of whom are vaccinated and boosted. We have lost a number of people who were fully vaccinated. No one knows who might have bumped into someone who was infected. So….I’ll stay home until it’s time to go.

My friends don’t seem to be very worried. Some have encouraged me to attend, but I am just apologizing and saying sorry, I just can’t.

We have a nice quiet evening planned. Good food, watch some movies, talk, then watch the Lightning play the Rangers. I came to Dan’s last night so I could watch the Lightning, who are in first place in the NHL, get creamed by the Florida Panthers, who are in Third place. But I can’t blame the Bolts. They have 6 players out on Covid protocols, including both goalies. So we had 2 goalies who were playing in their first NHL game. It wasn’t pretty. They also have 3 players out with injuries.

So I guess my biggest worry is the damn virus. I mean, we are all so sick of it. I just want to get to CO in time to see my grandson born. But I think I will. And I am sure my son and family will be healthy again sometime next week.

So, what started out with me being so depressed by bad news has turned into a reminder that I have much to be grateful for. I do have worries, but I have more blessings. So, I go into 2022 hopeful. I mean, what’s more hopeful than a brand new life being born? I can’t wait to meet him.

Love and light to all. And Happy New Year to everyone. May 2022 be a year of less trauma and worry.

New Glasses, New Book for Book Club, and a Little Supernatural Thrown in For Good Measure.

I had a book club meeting today. We were supposed to be reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, but only some of us had started it. There’s been a lot of chaos among the members of the group in the last month, some of us had read the book already, some not, but today, instead of discussing it (although we did do that on the edges of our conversation) we just caught up with each other. One member has had to take custody of her grandchildren ages 2 and 4, while her daughter tries to figure her life out. Another one, who survived breast cancer, had her implants removed, because they were making her sick. She didn’t make the meeting, her surgery was only about a week ago.

So we decided on reading the new Brene Brown book, Atlas of the Heart. When I got home, I ordered it for my kindle and have only read not even the whole introduction but it seems to be vintage Brene, and I know I will love the book.

I got my new glasses today, and it’s SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME to be able to see clearly again. To read street signs and see the leaves in the trees. I’m most excited to be able to read the print on the TV without having to walk up to it to read it! I honestly forgot what it was like to see clearly, not to see everything as a smudge of color or something. I almost cried when I walked out into the daylight and could see EVERYTHING.

Getting old can suck. You know, really. I never considered the idea I might not be able to see well when I turned 70! Of course, not being able to walk was a bigger deal and really dwarfed my inability to see well as a problem. But at least I won’t be driving off the road again because I can’t see the side of the road (which I did at Dan’s house after the Super Bowl.)

I have a friend here who makes these adorable gnomes, by hand, and is selling them all over the place, in NY, PA, FL, and many others. She has a website, check it out! They are so adorable!

Last but not least I have some weird stuff happening. About a month ago, a friend was here, at my house. We were just talking, sitting on the couch and there was a really loud banging on my door. Obviously someone knocking, 4 times, loud. I got up within a couple seconds to answer it and there was no one there. No car parked in front of the house, no one walking down the street. No deliveries left by the door. I have a welcome sign hanging on my door, but it only bangs when it’s windy which it wasn’t. We kind of blew it off, and kept visiting. Today, it happened again. 2 knocks, not 4, but I got right up and went to the door, thinking it was an Amazon delivery. But nothing, again. No car in the street, in fact no cars at all in the street. No one walking. No one outside my house in the back, side or front. Nothing. Altogether weird, I know it was not my welcome sign because I’ve heard that too many times and in fact, take it down on a windy day. But the wind today was 0. So twice now, I’ve had phantom knocking at my door. I keep thinking I want a video, like Ring or something, to take a video when it happens so I can see what it is. So very strange.

So big excitement. Book club and new book, new glasses, phantoms…and going to see family this weekend too! I guess I need the supernatural in my life too?? So strange, but I’m so happy I can see that I’m not going to worry too much about it. Til it happens again.

Life is good. Love and light to all.

A Clear View Out My Window, and Getting Ready To Go to Colorado

We sold our boat a few weeks ago. I’m almost gleeful about it, because it’s been parked in my front yard for 2+ years as we spent a lot of time wondering if we’d ever be able to use it again. The decision to sell it came about from the realization that I won’t be able to maybe ever step onto it from the dock. My hip/leg/back issue needs a stable platform to stand on. Getting onto the boat when it’s 2 ft. below the finger dock and the wind is blowing is just out of the question. So the boat was sold to the first response to the ad, a guy who brought a mechanic with him to look at it, and who confirmed to the buy that it was a really good deal.

One of the best things about selling it is that I can see out my front windows again. No boat blocking my view of what’s going on in the neighborhood. I still have not stopped expecting to see it when I look out there. Even gone so far as to walk over to the window just to confirm that it’s gone.

I’m going over to my sisters on the island this weekend. I have not seen her in so long, nor have I been over there, for almost 2 years, because of Covid and my leg/hip thing, and then, she goes back to VA for the summer. But now that she’s back here we want to get together before I head to my son’s for the birth of my grandson. And I told her I want to say goodbye to the island, because they are selling their house there and moving slightly inland. We’ll be closer to each other with the move, but her house on the island is just so full of good memories for me. When I worked, I lived all year for my week at her house in March. 3 blocks from a never-crowded beach, 500’ from the town dock. She had great friends for most of the time she lived there, it was a real small old Florida kind of place. Her new house will be lovely, and she and her hubby won’t have the fear of hurricanes they did being 6’ above sea level. It’s the end of a chapter in my life though, for sure.

I made my flight plan for Colorado. I’m going 1-11-22. Such a cool date, lol. All 1’s and 2’s. Baby is due 1/27/22, and this way I’ll be there if he’s early, and have a little time to get settled into a routine with the family, learn the way to Ellena’s school, the grocery store and stuff. I’ll be gone awhile, probably towards the end of February. Dan will check on my house, and I’m sure my two good friends down the street will keep an eye on it. I’m so excited, I have not seen my son in almost 2 years, and that’s due to Covid. Now we are all vaccinated, even 9 yr old Elena, and feel safe enough to travel. Way too long a period of time not to see your kid. Dez, his girlfriend, is about 8 months and is big as a house. At least according to her. She’s 5’2” and about 100 lbs soaking wet, but she’s so small that she looks huge! The pregnancy has brought she and I closer, and I love that. I’m going to enjoy actually living at their house, being part of their daily lives. They’ve always been such quick visits, a week. 4-6 weeks will be wonderful, even though I’ll miss Dan.

It’s been a beautiful fall here, with days in the 70’s, nights in the 50’s, sometimes low 60’s. Doesn’t rain much, which is probably not a good thing, but in the moment it seems so nice to have bright sunlight every day. I got my cataracts done, and will hopefully have a new pair of glasses sometime this week. And boy is the world a more beautiful place without them.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying this holiday season. Love and light to all.


Yesterday was 11-11. Some of you know, and maybe some don’t, the significance of this date. 1, and 11, are master numbers. 11-11 resonates with new beginnings, moving forward, taking inspired action, among other things. It is a portal that comes once a year, opening up a pathway to your higher consciousness. If you feel stuck, options to move out of that stuckness might present themselves to you on 11-11, if you’re open to the energy it brings.

It’s an important day in spiritual circles. Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house for a circle of like-minded community. It was the birthday of one of my good friends, a member of the book club. For those who dabble in numerology, her actual birthdate is 11-11-56. 56 also reduces to 11, and this year she is 65, which of course reduces to 11. High energy birthday! As it turned out we had 11 people in the circle as well. One of the people brought a very heavy granite stone which she claimed was from Stonehenge. It was about 2’ wide, 15” tall, and maybe 10” at its widest point, with a rounded-o center kind of like a seat. She said she was given it by someone she used to care for. I was skeptical but then realized that this isn’t a crowd who makes things up. Usually, the egos are left at the door. So I chose to believe her. I held it for a bit, trying to get feel the energy. It stayed in the center of the circle as we gathered. We began at 11:11 on the nose, with a brief meditation. Then we all spoke, telling where we lived, and what our strengths are, and kind of what’s going on in our lives. So naturally, I mentioned reiki, sound healing, and of course (!) the upcoming birth of my grandson. Afterward, we sat around her kitchen and ate all the goodies people had brought with them, and got to know some of the people we didn’t know as well, expanding all of our circles.

The woman who hosted it is a medium/psychic, as well as teaches all things about spirituality. She is full of in-depth knowledge. She had just rented this house, which was lovely, not really even moved in yet. But she knew she wanted to rent it when the address was 1333 Stonehenge Drive, in a town not too far from here. 1333 also reduces to 10, which is a 1, in concert with the date. And the location…it’s one reason I chose to believe the large stone was really from Stonehenge.

Next, we went to a holistic wellness center, where she held her first group on “Inner Alchemy”. It was very interesting, and I learned some things I didn’t know. We ended that with a meditation of about 30 minutes, which turned out to be a very deep meditation for me. I was definitely in another space.

Then the people I was with wanted to go to a store that sells crystals, candles, herbs, and other assorted things that support the spiritual community. I was actually getting tired, and my back hurt from sitting in a folding chair for too long. When we left there I thought we were headed home. There were 4 of us in one car. But our 4, as well as 4 or 5 others from the group I had just met, wanted to get something to eat. I was hungry as well, so we went to a micro-brewery and got some decent bar food before we headed home. Even though I’d been anxious to get home because I was exhausted, I was glad we stopped because I’d hardly eaten all day and the ride home took a long time because the traffic was horrendous. In the last 2 weeks, a lot of snowbirds have returned to Florida, and the roads are choked and will be til about May.

When I got home I called my son who had his first day in his new store yesterday, although he’s only prepping it to get it ready for next Thursday when they will actually open to the public. I called Dan and told him about my day. He is always supportive of what I do, even if it’s a lot of woo-woo to him. He listens and understands me, which means the world to me. Then I tried to watch TV and gave up when I kept falling asleep, so I went to bed at 9! And woke up at 6! 9 hours of sleep!

We sold our boat earlier this week, and the buyer is coming today to take it. I am so excited to have it out of my front yard, and have a little money back in my account. I can start to plant things in the yard. I have so much I want to do around here. Now that I have no cataracts I can actually see how dingy some places in my house are, so I have a lot of stuff I want to get done inside and outside the house.

Thinking that I will use the 11-11 energy to propel myself forward to get some of this stuff done. Starting now. Hope you all had a great 11-11 yesterday. Love and light to all.


I am so happy tonight. I feel like all is right with my world, for the first time in a very, very long time. So I thought I’d make a list.

  • It has finally FINALLY stopped raining every day in Florida. In a matter of a week, it has turned dry, meaning humidity below 50%. Today it was 45% and it was only 73° when I got up. So that means that soon, I’ll be able to leave the windows open at night. I am so excited.
  • I rode the stationary at the gym bike for about 4 ½ miles, and got my time down to under 7 min. per mile. My left leg is getting stronger by the day. I have been walking a lot. Usually somewhere between a mile and a half and two miles per day, though I don’t walk the days I ride the bike. The walking is helping, and I really enjoy it. My only company is egrets and ibis, and a few other Florida water birds. It’s so peaceful. Bright blue sky, lots of green, and lovely birds. Making progress steadily to getting back to normal.
  • Last week Dan and I went to a couple of used boat dealers to see if one would agree to sell our boat. The reception was cool, no one is excited about it. Too many boats for sale, too few people who want them. But there was one guy who claimed he really didn’t have room for our boat, but asked us to send him some pictures of the boat. I did that this morning, expecting nothing back based on the conversation we had last week. But then, he called Dan up as soon as he saw the pics, and I guess he was impressed with the condition of the boat. He asked if we could get it up to him, and he’d put it in the yard and try to sell it. So that was very hopeful. Much better than the reception we got last week. Now we are trying to figure out the logistics. The trailer is really on it’s last legs and the boat is not on the trailer correctly. So while we can get it down to the marina and reset it on the trailer, we will need someone to get it up to the yard. Right now, I’m just happy that we have a lead to a yard that might want it. Progress.
  • In preparation for getting the boat out of my yard, I got up in the boat this afternoon and got everything out of the cabin and put it in the cockpit. I’d already done much of this, but had sheets, and dishes and stuff. Tomorrow I go back with a bag and pack it up and get it off the boat. I hope to get an earlier start, because it was so hot inside the boat I just couldn’t stay as long as I needed to. Even though it’s drier, it is still hot in the afternoon. But I’m happy to be making progress even if it’s just packing stuff up. Once I pack it up, I’ll have a lot of cleaning to do. One thing at a time.
  • I got to sit on the deck and read for an hour or so today. My deck is mostly in the shade, and when the humidity is down, it’s very comfortable to sit out there. I saw a cardinal, and said hi to all the loved ones who have passed. And I was seeing huge butterflies. Some yellow, some orange like monarchs. Lots of squirrels, mockingbirds. Not much human noise out today. It was lovely.
  • My granddaughter called me to thank me for the bracelet I sent her with a charm that says “Big Sister.” It was the longest conversation I’ve had with her. She told me about school, about their kickball game, and about how she has friends close by. And she was just such a happy girl, she’s so sweet, so pretty, and thoughtful. A very special girl. I feel so blessed.
  • My son has been applying for new jobs. He’s very unhappy where he is, and he’s not been there too long. He manages a clothing store at the mall, and the store has been struggling since COVID. So this week after maybe 100 applications he has some really good prospects, all with significant raises. They have all pulled his resume off of LinkedIn, I think. But they contacted him, and set up the interviews, and it’s all really solidly in his wheelhouse. I sent reiki to both interviews he had today, and they both went really well. So….I’ll keep doing that. Whether or not it helps is obviously unprovable, but it cannot hurt. As my granddaughter said, “keep sending those good vibes gramma.”
  • And I’ve lost a very little bit of weight this week, and I’m really happy about that. It’s not a lot, but it’s consistently in the right direction.

So, I’m happy tonight. Positive, forward movement. Progress. As one of my favorite people says, “Onward.” Thank you Liz Gilbert.

Dreaming The Night Away, Except When I’m Not

Dreams are normally not my strong suit. I rarely remember them. But when I do, I often have to look them up on to figure them out. It’s been a little weird for me since I had that possible sighting I wrote about in the last post. So here goes.

First dream, on that night. I got home around 10. I put my nightgown on, got the house all set for the evening. I called Dan to tell him of my exciting evening, of meditation, etc, to attract the ET’s. I thought I might have some trouble getting to sleep that night, but truth be told, I was quite tired, and quite relaxed. I turned the light off at about 10:30 and was asleep in about 5 minutes. At about 12:30 I woke with a start. I don’t remember the dream I’d been having, but when I woke I thought my son in particular, and also my sister, were supposed to be in my house, sleeping. I got out of bed, completely lucid, and walked around the house looking for them, especially for my son. I said, a couple of times, while walking around, “Where’s my kid?” Out loud. I walked to the guest room door, looked in and saw no one in there. As I turned around, I stopped myself. I said, again out loud, “Bruce is in Colorado. Your sister is in Virginia. No one is supposed to be here. Go back to bed.”

I took my own advice, and went back to bed and right back to sleep.

It wasn’t like sleepwalking, because I was awake. I remember every minute of it. But obviously I was deep into a dream state. I’ve never done that before, ever. Never walked around the house in that space between dreams and wakefulness. Thought about it a lot when I woke in the morning. Still thinking about it.

2nd dream some days later. Again, I don’t remember any specifics of the dream, but I do remember knowing that I was dreaming. I guess that’s a lucid dream. I remember saying to myself at least 3 times, “You’re just dreaming, but just keep dreaming and see where it goes.” So that was strange, for me. I do kind of wish I remembered the dream.

3rd was last night. I went to Dan’s yesterday so I could watch the football game. Tom Brady and the Bucs against Kansas City. It’s a lot of fun to live where all the local sports teams are Champions. But I digress. I went to bed about 10:30. At about 1:30 I was awakened by someone saying my name loudly. Since I’d been sound asleep, I assumed it was Dan, who usually comes to bed around then. Except that he wasn’t there. He was still in the living room and watching TV.

This was something that’s happened before. I’ve been awakened by a phone ringing, waking me out of a sound sleep, but no one had called. Once my smoke alarm in my bedroom went off with a smoke alarm’s terrifying warning in the middle of the night. It stopped as soon as I opened my eyes and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the kitchen, fairly early like around 7:30, and the smoke alarm in there went off. Twice. That horrible alarm sounded twice and then stopped. And not again, since.

I don’t know what has brought this stuff to the forefront of my sleeping mind. Most nights I go to sleep pretty easily, and go back to sleep pretty easily if I am awakened. After each of these occasions I did go back to sleep quickly and easily, but it surprised me when I woke in the morning, and remembered being awakened from a sound sleep so rudely followed by immediately nodding back off.

I guess I am done with my musing about the weird happenings while I sleep. Hopefully they will give me a break for awhile, and just let me sleep.

Love and light to all.

My Own Close Encounter

This post is a follow-up to my last post about the CE5 Initiative.

There are 3 elements to making contact.

1. A connection to the One Mind Consciousness of the Universe

2. A sincere heart

3. A clear intention to make contact for the purpose of peaceful interaction with these beings.

Also, helpful elements include

  • Good good vibrations. The ET’s vibrate at a much higher rate than us so exist outside our natural range of perception. If we can increase our frequency in an attempt to match theirs, then we have a better chance of making contact.
  • Group Coherence and Cohesion. Coherence involves shared and common values, intents and goals. Cohesion has to do with how well we (our CE5 group) function as a unit.
  • Belief. Believing what you see, not questioning yourself out of believing. And talk to the rest of the group about anything you think you saw, because someone else may have seen it too.

And here is where I will jump back in. A friend and I went to an area which some call the Vortex in my small town. It’s a spot on the water, along a walking path. First, we played a recording that was made in the middle of a crop circle. The tones are apparently attractive to the ET’s. There are others on the CE5 app as well, but I kind of stuck to those. Then I played the meditation which is in the protocol (or you can do your own). We followed that with our best effort to follow the Coherent Thought Sequencing which is also one of the protocols. This is how they are vectored into our precise location from wherever in the universe they are. And in between, we repeatedly invited them using only our thoughts. My friend left after a couple hours, around 9 PM. But I chose to stay. I continued to try to vector them in, as well as watch the sky, and play the tones as directed, and meditate. There was a star in the western sky, quite faint and so, I assumed, far away. It was stationary. I kept going back to this star which would come and go in my vision, I assumed because it was quite hazy out as it usually is in FL in the evening in summer. I didn’t really have any expectations, and sincerely just thought it was a star. In the meantime, I watched a couple of planes flying over, red lights flashing because they were headed east. Another just had white lights but was obviously a plane, a smaller one. I could hear them both.

I went back to the faint star again, as I’d been doing for about a half-hour, and it had remained stationary all that time. Then quite suddenly it began to silently move, toward the east mostly, but not as if it was following a course. It was overall traveling east, but kind of up and down. Then it flashed. The CE5 crowd calls it a flashbulb. It’s a flash, not a rhythmic on and off, just a singular flash, like a flashbulb. This happened 3 times, that it flashed. And then… vanished. All this happened in a span of maybe 15 or 20 seconds.

It is common for an ET vehicle to be stationary, and to then move without sound. The flash is very common and is why I began to think it was actually contact. They often flash like that to communicate with those watching them, kind of like confirmation that yes, they know we’re here and appreciate the invitation. And they often vanish like that. It’s commonly believed they are trans-dimensional and so can just bow out when they need to.

I waited there another 15 or 20 minutes. Then since it was really about my bedtime, lol, I decided to go. I kept thinking about this phenomenon over and over. Not believing it was real, but then it was actually the same as so many other eyewitness accounts of contact. I actually think that I was being drawn back to that spot in the sky by them, they wanted me to see them move, and flash. I was just looking for my phone, for the camera, when it vanished. I was quite calm, relaxed, and pretty thoughtful as I walked back to my car. The more I thought about it, I began to believe that what I’d seen was simple contact. Why deny that what I hoped would happen, did? I’d followed the protocols for a couple of days prior, practicing the coherent thought sequencing and listening to the meditations. I’d believed that they might answer, why not believe that they did?

I read the next morning that a bunch of people in Ohio, in different towns, had made contact and they had a lot of videos. Now I’m a long way from Ohio, but still, contact happens all over the planet on a daily basis. Perhaps they were there as a response to my invitation, and maybe not.

I’m thinking of going back out this evening, to a place that might be a bit darker (there were a lot of lights at our location the other night, to light the walking path.) I really would like to go down to one of the barrier beaches, St. Pete beaches, where it’s very dark, and the sky is vast. But I’ll have to see how the sky is tonight before I decided. There is often lots of cloud cover in the summer over the water.

If you want to see the videos, they are on the FB page for CE5 Initiative: Make contact with ET’s Using Dr. Steven Greer’s Protocols, or on the CE5 Global page.

I’m just following it all to see where it leads. So far so good. I love that the elements for making contact are spiritual in nature. So much about the one cosmic consciousness, and how we are all one thing, about love, and about joining with a peaceful heart and intent.

Love and light to all.