Prayers For My Kitty, Maggie

My little cat Maggie is sick. She’s been bleeding for about a month. It would get better, then worse, then better. But I realized it was not going away, and last week made an appointment to take her to the vet today.

It is no small task to get her in the cat carrier. She is not a lap cat, and hates to be held. Carrying her around is a dangerous endeavor. She will sit next to me, if I’m meditating, lol. She hangs with me, she follows me around the house. But try to catch her. Not happening.

Last time she was sick, she was throwing up constantly. I chased her around the house for an hour and then called the vet and told them we wouldn’t make the appointment. A week later, when she was too weak from not eating, I was able to catch her and get her to the vet. They gave her a pill to settle her stomach and she was fine. She’s been fine ever since.

Til now.

I made the appointment for late afternoon. I had to go to work for a half day to do inventory, and I wanted to make sure I was home. Luckily, today I only had to chase her for 20 minutes, so we actually got to the appointment early.

The vet said she could feel something, a mass, in her abdomen. She said gave me some choices. I could do an ultrasound for $275, and then do surgery if the ultrasound warrants. Or just do the surgery to spay her, and see what’s there then. A simple spaying could cover it, or it may take more, so the price could be from $240 for a simple spaying to $600 for a more complicated procedure. And of course, if they find it’s spread all over her, they would put her to sleep then.

I’ve had her for 8 ½ years. I hope they can fix her. She seems so normal, she is eating normally, playing normally. I hate to lose her now.

So, if you think of it, send a little positive energy her way. She’s a sweet little thing. (She’s tiny, she only weighs 7 ½ lbs. But is healthy except for this one thing.)

Thank you….. love and light

Ho’oponopono, A Prayer of Healing

Ho’oponopono is a practice I learned about during my Reiki training.  It is much like Reiki, in that it’s energy is healing and can work at long distances, or short ones.  I have said it for people I hadn’t heard from who I knew were ailing, and the result was that I heard from them. It changed the dynamic, and some type of healing takes place.

Healing can come from unexpected places.  Anytime you want to connect with someone and you and they are suffering, in anyway, say this, thinking of them.  It can heal you both, and heal all kinds of things.