Circling each other,

Faster and faster.

skirts flying,

Hips swaying,

Torso undulating.

Breasts heaving.

Castenets clacking.

Heels clicking.

He pulls her into the enter of the circle.

Close enough

to glance into each other’s eyes.

He holds her for a moment

Only a moment,

Until the music tells him to send her away.

She spins outward

She cannot even touch his fingers.

The dance begins anew,

Over and over

round and round,

embracing for a moment only

Then parted, waiting for the music

to draw them together

For another momentary embrace.

Never easing the hunger

of that erotic dance

Never close enough to tell a secret

Or catch a scent.

Or rest in the arms

Of the lover they can’t touch.

The erotic dance goes on

Spinning til there is no more breath

Circling until the heart races

Longing, Longing

Until insides churn.

The wistful yearning

gives way to the emptiness.

All desire to dance gives way

to desire to just live.