Pizza, and Other Tidbits

I’m sure some of you have iPhones. The newer ones, and maybe even older ones, now will translate a voice mail into text. It can get pretty funny as all voice to text can, although I will say it’s surprisingly accurate at most times.

Anyway, I got an angry voice mail yesterday, from the nameless one. I have had a few voicemails from him in the last few days, all saying he just wanted to talk to me, he wasn’t angry, etc. Instead of calling him, which would only lead to an angry exchange, (because I was still angry, even if he wasn’t, at the audacious things he said and the lies) I sent him an email asking him to just let it go, and also told him and posted on here that I was seeing L last night. The voicemail that I received after that went from “please call me.” to calling me a “piece of shit” for ruining his relationship with B. (I did email him and ask him to consider that it was the lies he told both of us that did him in with her, particularly telling me that he was not “with” her, that they were just friends who had coffee together occasionally. Seriously, he’s out shopping for women, and I’m the cause of his demise? Hmmm. I think not. Narcissist….)

The iPhone however, didn’t comprehend “piece of shit” and changed it into his calling me a “pizza”. It really made me laugh. Pizza. Don’t think I’ve ever been called pizza before! LOL. Really took that anger and kind of made me laugh at it.

So ends the last act in that ridiculous drama. Pizza. With pepperoni, please….

My dinner with L was wonderful. He’s going to cook for me early next week. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company. Respectful, and kind, and and funny, and a little shy, which is very endearing on a big, good-looking, football player type! Can’t wait to see him again.

I thought my cough was gone, since I didn’t cough all day yesterday. Until he got here, and kept making me laugh, deep belly laughs that made me cough….I was a little embarrassed! But it didn’t seem to put a damper on us, so that was good.

Early next week is a good time to see him again, because I will be very busy with the grand opening for the Veterans Art Center for the next few days. I think the actual event will be a lot of fun. I’m hoping that a lot of vets artwork is sold and that they make a lot of money, as well as the center raises a lot. It’s such a wonderful project. Today I’ll go over and help my bestie who’s the curator to get all the galleries organized. She said we’ve gotten in 100’s of pieces of amazing artwork for it.

And I have open mic tonight.  Won’t be home too much today!

Exciting things happening here. The shift I felt a week or so ago is well underway, and life is amazing. Love and light, everyone.

I Just Wanted the Truth.

God, I can’t stop writing.  The words are like a volcano, spilling out of me, running down my face, over my heart, like smoke coming out of my ears and every part of my being. I need to get it into the universe and let the higher powers deal with it.  I SO don’t believe he hasn’t seen her.  I am SO sure that was a bold faced lie.

He texted me early Saturday morning, and NOT for the rest of the day.  I texted him, no answer.  No response.  Because he was not alone.  I know his habits, I know how he works.  I went out Saturday evening.  I realized by then that I needed to not talk to him, period, so I had him blocked, but he didn’t try to reach me.  Because he was busy.

Sunday morning, I got a brief text from him.  I sent him 3 more, one of which he got because he talked about it today, but never responded to Sunday.  But he told me he didn’t get anything else after he texted me.  When I said, well you got the one about the snake….he backtracked, well I got it but didn’t think it needed a response.

Oh no, I texted you freaked out and didn’t need a response.  You didn’t respond because you were busy.  With someone else.  Probably out to breakfast with her, where we used to go and where you went with her before.  Showing everyone there because the waitresses all know him, that she was back.

Except….she couldn’t do for him what I could.  Not gonna get into it, just that I am guessing she couldn’t do that.  They probably tried more than once.  So….he back tracked and they decided not to get back together because it just wasn’t working or gonna work….and he knew in his own demented mind that if he was with her, and I knew it, I’d never be with him again.

Now…I might not.  But the best, very best chance he had was to tell me the truth.  And to apologize for all the hurt he dished out and made me sit through.  To come squeaky clean and take whatever the consequences were. I smell a lie, I smell it like a dead fish, when someone is circumventing questions, trying to distract you from your intended purpose.  My ex was a champ at it  And I learned not to believe anything he said.  I KNOW that what i heard in that phone call was NOT the truth.  “I don’t know, it never occurred to me…” Bullshit.  “I only talked to her”  Then why couldn’t you talk to me too.  Why no word from you for 3 days?  “Because I didn’t want to deal with your anger.”  Well….I wasn’t angry yesterday morning, when he sent me that short text.  It was obvious to me that he snuck off, or she was in the bathroom or something and that’s all he had time for.  It was obvious that a decision had been made about her when he first contacted me today.

He says, “I was thinking of driving up there today.”  WHA??  No, I don’t want you up here.  I suppose he thought I was so into him, that I’d be thrilled and put all the bs he dished out to me away, never to be spoken of again.

Guaranteed that she knows nothing about me. Guaranteed.

So, I’m sorry, I’m ranting.  I just have to get this out of me.  Even if my version is incorrect, technically, I know it wasn’t the truth.  The truth rings, all the pieces fit together.  The truth is not a a bunch of disjointed, disconnected statements that have little or no bearing to the actual recorded events.  I just want the truth, I want the whole truth, I want it spoken so I have not one unanswered question.  I deserve that.  It’s what I give.  I want it back.  A hundred times I have said I would take a brutal truth over a pretty lie any day. And anyway, there are no pretty lies.  They are just ugly, manipulative, spoken by creeps without conscience, and they lead to destruction.  Every. Single. Time.

This was just more bullshit.