One Last Gong Bath Tonight

gong bath

Last night I sent a friend in Scotland Reiki. I only sent it for about 15 minutes, because I was so tired from getting up at 4:30 am yesterday that I started to fall asleep. (Sorry, Ogden, lol) But it did me good, which is the cool thing about giving reiki, you get it too, as it passes through you. I got the first 8 hours of sleep that I have gotten in about a week. I hope it helped him too.

I did my meditation this morning, as usual. Trying to prepare myself emotionally for this long trip I begin tomorrow. I realized at some point during the meditation that I can probably finish everything I need to finish to leave tomorrow, and still have time to go to the gong bath tonight. That would be the best thing for me.

I have been holding so much emotion in my sacral and solar plexus chakras. Every morning I wake up and have that nervous feeling in my stomach. I work with it throughout the day, but still, it’s there. And from time to time it overwhelms me, to drive such a long distance and then leave my son there. It’s just a mom thing I guess. I spent so many years trying to protect him from his fathers wrath and biting tongue, and then so much time freeing him, and then the last 8 years trying to help him heal. Making him believe that he is worthy of love and belonging just because he exists in this world, and just because he is my son, and I think that I’ve been successful on that count.

It’s just hard. We are so close. I am so happy and proud of him, that he’s set this new life up all on his own. I’ve tried to help, of course, financially a little, contributing to new tires and car alignment, and I’ll help him set up his place in CO, but he’s done all the work himself to find a place to live, and to get a decent job.

But anyway, I think the gong bath will help me to release a lot of the angst I have over the whole thing.

Not to mention all the people I’ve been saying goodbye to. There will be a ton more when I get back from CO too. I love this place I live, except in winter, lol, it is beautiful. But it’s the people who are in my life on a regular basis that will be in my heart.

So gonging I will go. I sent my friend Linda an email telling her I was now intending to come. Just once more to lay on the floor and let the tsunami pf the vibrations of all Peter and Linda’s gongs carry me where I need to go.

Working through it this morning.

Love and light…..

Note:  the picture at the top is not the gong bath I go to, but is very similar.  (Pic is from Google Images.)  We also have 8 gongs and all kinds of other vibrational instruments.  And most of us lay on the floor, it’s my preferred position.

5 responses to “One Last Gong Bath Tonight

  1. Hi Deb! I was laid in bed about somewhere between 3am and 5am I think, and was having this dream where I was getting all these stars floating like a video game, I just had to click them to get the power ups! So strange, and fun, I assumed this was the Reiki – I don’t know, I had no idea what to expect, but this was what I put it down too, someone said take it all, click that one and those too, but I said I’d save them for later, then clicked a few more just for fun, after that I fell back to sleep, I think the cat had come in the room and woke me up! Either way, thanks for that, it was very positive! 🙂 XX

    Hope the gong bath goes well and you enjoy your trip all the more, good luck, and thanks again! ❤

    • Oh man! You sure you didn’t have some additional help? Lol. It was about 9:30 my time. Usually the benefits are kind of spread out so it could have been. You just might have been in a more balance place, who knows? It’s always different but that sound like fun!!! Since you are so out of the box and funny it could well be that’s how it manifested. (And it put me to sleep, lol). Anyway happy to do it. As for the gongs…. I am so glad I get to go. I’ll probably write about it. And feeling way better about the trip and do leaving home. It’s all good. Ttyl!

      • It was very out of the blue, cos I don’t play video games normally, I was very surprised to be dreaming that dream till I remembered the Reiki – not that I know anything about it, but it was enjoyable! Thing is, you are about 4-5hrs ahead of us on the clock, so the timing is right! Thats pretty far out I think, very possible too, I get quite a bit of phenomena stuff from time to time 🙂

        • I’ve sent reiki long distances quite a bit. Usually people tell me it had a positive effect. Yours is by far the coolest! Lol. But then…how many times did I say I’d love to see inside your head when you’re creating. It would be worth doing again sometime, just to see what you manifest next! lol b

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