Did I Ever? The Answers

Leonard Cohen asks:

Did I ever love you? Yes.
Did I ever need you? No.
Did I ever fight you? Yes
Did I ever want to? No.

Did I ever leave you? Yes
Was I ever able? No.
Or are we still leaning
Across the old table?  I’m not. It hurts my back. I can’t speak for you.

The lemon tree blossoms. Yes it does, here.
The almond tree withers. Maybe…..
And is it still raining
Back in November?  Not here, but in my old life, yes. Same thing goes on and on. Over and over. It’s lovely in here, back in November.
Those are my answers to Leonard Cohen’s questions, from one of my favorite of his songs, Did I Ever Love You. Good questions, trying to understand. What are your answers?  I’ve put this video up before, but in case you missed it….I’ll do it again. Enjoy.


Beth and Joe, Part 2

This is part 2, because a long time ago I put up their “I’d Rather Be a Blind Girl” by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa which still gets views once in awhile.  And by the way, he is not blind as I thought he was.  He just wears sunglasses alot.

Anyway, I told my friend, trE from A Cornered Gurl ( https://simplesoulsister.com/ ) that I would put up this link to a very “sexified” (her word, lol, but a very useful one!) blues song by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa.  It’s called Close to My Fire.  They are amazing.

Ending the Day with some Music

Yes, I stayed off FB all day. Wasn’t even tempted. I’ve learned to just stay away from things that cause me agita. Or pain. Or angst. FB gave me all of those things. I’m familiar with being triggered. Not sure I’ll go back on tomorrow. Not sure I’m ready.

I got a back and neck massage. My neck and back are better, not good yet. I have a terry cloth wrap that has inserts that are bags filled with buckwheat and lavender. You heat the bags in the microwave, and then insert them back in the wrap and wrap it around your neck. It’s lovely. It’s wrapped around my neck.

When I got done, I drove straight to the waterfront and took about a mile and a half walk. It was so warm, and clear and sunny. Tuesdays there is a fresh market in the center of town. Lots of handmade goods, home grown veggies, cheese. Tons of vendors. And now that we are “in season” lots of tourists.

When I got home my friend who sings, mostly blues and jazz came over for a few minutes. We ran to Dollar General for her to get some dog food. I was playing Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa on the car stereo through my phone. My friend was trying to think of some new music she could arrange for the house band to play at open mic night. She had not heard the Beth Hart song, Tell Her You’re Mine, before. I played another she didn’t know, this one with Bonamassa, I’ll Take Care of You. She got very excited at the prospect of singing one of them at open mic night. She’s such a fabulous blues singer, and these are in her range. Especially the second one. It is such a good song, and I’m of the mind to put it up here tonight for your listening enjoyment.  The guitar riff by Bonamassa at the end is amazing.  Love and light everyone.

Sleepless in Florida

I ended my 4 or 5 night streak of good sleep last night. My son began texting me at 11:30 last night that his car’s valve cover gasket is leaking. His service engine light had just come on. It will cost $500 to fix.

11:30 is way past my bedtime, I was in bed, and falling asleep. I was up kinda late, because I went to open mic, and then came home and wrote for awhile to unwind. After texting back and forth for awhile, I told him to call me this morning and we’ll talk about it. I went back to sleep for 2 more hours, and then woke up and was wide awake. So, I do what many of us do, I got up, got on the computer and wrote some more, to empty my head. Then at 3:30 went back to bed, took a half an Ambien and fell asleep til 8. Or so.

Now my sleep schedule will be messed up. But really, does it matter, LOL. I’m retired. I don’t have to be anywhere at any time, except at the doctor today at 1:30 for a therapy treatment. Which is a back massage……

Had a good time last night at open mic, as always. Both of my good friends who go with me were sick, so I went alone, but knew I could hang out with my other friends. My friend P welcomed me with a hug, and walked me to my car at the end of the night. What a good guy.

A man I’ve been messaging with has expressed a wish to go to open mic with me. He plays guitar and sings and also is a boater/sport fisherman. He said he could play a Buffett song. That crowd would love Buffett. So who knows, maybe. I like him a lot. He’s a sweet man, so far.

I splurged and bought myself a leaf blower that also vacuums leaves to deal with the leaves from the banyan tree, which perpetually are falling off. Much easier to blow them than to try to rake them. I also bought a push broom and a rake. Push broom is to allow me to scrub my deck.

I guess it’s time to take the Christmas tree down. I am usually anxious by about this time, to get the house back to normal. Even though, my house has not been “normal” really. I wish I had everything in it’s place but I still don’t. I need to though. My friends from high school will be here in 2 weeks, and I need it better organized than what it is now, since they are all staying here one night as we try to recreate our high school days. But, it will be the night of open mic, so we won’t be hanging here all night, which is something I’m glad about.

It’s cool here this morning, 51 when I woke up. The house was cool. But the sun is out brightly though the high will only be 61. I love living in a place where “cold” is 60. LOL. It’s been snowing up north in my old home. Not missing it at all.

Love and light everyone.

Music and Friends (or why I was so tired last night, lol)

Open mic is such a cool thing in this little town. I was supposed to meet my friend Beth there. She said she was going early to practice a song with a couple of guitar players, but when I got there she wasn’t there yet. The friend I’d run into Wednesday was there, sitting with a few other friends, and he right away motioned for me to come over and sit with them, which I did.

I got into a conversation with a woman who I was only acquainted with before, when I asked how everyone’s week was. She was telling me if it could go wrong it did, lol. Then we got into a discussion about how Mercury turns retrograde Monday the 19th. And kind of wondering what effect that will have on the Electoral College vote that day. Mangia Gourmet Cafe is a rare place in FL where you will not find any Trump supporters, so it’s safe to talk openly about him, and not expect any arguments.

Beth showed up, and as is her way, she flits from table to table because she has known everyone for so long. She kind of settled across the table from me, next to our awesome transgender friend G. G is 69 years old, and trans-ing from male to female. She is so open, and funny and she sings beautifully. Next to G was a performer who comes up from Sarasota, about an hour away, on a regular basis. The table was rounded out with D, the wife of the shows MC, who is an actress, having taught acting her whole life, but is now retired. She and her husband are equity actors, meaning they get paid for their work, lol. However, she considers herself a sculptor. I have not seen her work. Such a lovely funny person.

We were talking about the music they were all playing, and I leaned into the table and said, “I am waiting for someone to get up and do some Van Morrison. I’ve never heard anyone sing him here.” B, the guy from Sarasota, nodded his head, and looked like he was thinking about what I’d said. Well, when it came to his turn to sing, he first did Harvest Moon (Neil Young), then maybe one of his own compositions. Most everyone was doing just 2 songs, but we kind of egged him on to do another. The MC told him to go ahead, and B said, “Ok, well I have a request…” and he pointed at me and began singing “Moondance.” So everyone at our table started clapping. Somehow he transitioned Moondance into California Dreaming and that into All Along the Watchtower absolutely seamlessly. It was so awesome! When he was done I gave him a big hug, thanking him for all of it, especially Moondance.

There are always makeshift bands that play together, to back someones music up. My friend Beth did her two songs, but then joined in a bunch of others. Everyone loves her to sing with them, because she knows all the music, and can sing harmonies without thinking about it, and puts on a fun show while she’s up there. The last song of the night was Minnie the Moocher, (old Cab Calloway). They had 6 or 7 performers up front, and Beth was singing the scat part of it, she is so good at that and loves to do it. Everyone laughing and clapping, everyone having a good time.


“Minnie the Moocher” at Mangia Gourmet

At the end of the night, a few people were saying how Mangia is needing a bigger space. Because it does get really busy, people are out on the sidewalks.

God, what a fun night.

Tonight is my date. I got a text from him last night saying he hoped I enjoyed my open mic night, and that he was really looking forward to tonight. So am I!.

What a rough life, lol. I slept til 7:30 this morning, that is SOO late for me! But I’m glad, hopefully it will mean I won’t get tired so soon tonight.

Love and light everyone.

Beth Hart: Hold Me Through The Night

I play music pretty much all day, until dinner. Then I turn on the tv for a couple hours. But all day while I’m writing and working in the house and driving in the car, I’m playing music. I have a real soft spot for Van Morrison, and for Beth Hart. Tonight, Beth Hart’s songs “Hold Me Through the Night” and “Tell Her You Belong To Me.” are echoing in my head, so I thought I’d put up this video of “Hold me Through the Night.”  Hope you enjoy it.

Did I Ever?

I’ve been hearing a lot of Leonard Cohen’s work this week.  I’m sad to say I was not real familiar  with his work before, I don’t know why.  But I heard this tonight, and it might be my favorite.  Anyway, it suited my mood tonight, supermoon or no.  What a brilliant man.  this is my belated tribute to him.