third eye

That I can love
That the energy which powers the sun
Also powers my heart.
Powers my words to express.

Powers my body
To be one with my heart
That the physical manifestation
Of love
Is powered just as my heart is.

By the one thing.

True and honest.
I never lied,
(I could not)
With my words,
With my thoughts,
With my body.

The electrifying touch
Comes from the same place
As the soft words.
The connection that can’t be broken.

The face will come into focus
The face that will know what I know
And feel what I feel.
Another connection;
Still unbreakable,
Is in the making.


Which Will You Be?

strength acourage


Measured in lies

Measured in pain caused

Measured in lives destroyed

Is weakness.

Is less than zero.



Measured in open hearts

Measured in joy given

Measured in lives connected

Is power.

Is heaven on earth.



Measured in willingness to lie

Measured in willingness to deceive

Measured in willingness to devastate

To crush, to harm

Isn’t courage.

It’s cheap cowardice.

It’s emptiness of a soul.



Measured in Willingness to to be honest

Measured in willingness to trust

Measured in willingness to show oneself

And be seen, truly be seen

Is courage.

It is wealth of spirit,

It is fullness of soul.


Which have you been

The weak morally bankrupt coward?

Or the courageous, powerful rich spirit?


Which are you?


Which will you be?