Surrendering to the Wind


My little boat is ill equipped for this wind. 

Confused seas, 

First on my beam

Then following  behind me


A header sea, 

Challenges my heart. 

Wind from the north, blustery

Then comes around

Southerly, balmy. 

I feel safe momentarily. 

Then it goes cold and damp

As it foretells an eastern gale. 

Seas are raucous, 

They laugh as I hold my stomach, 

Staving off waves of nausea. 

Home port seems so far, 

Because I cannot maintain speed in any direction. 

Longing for the comfort of an easy berth

Safely laying in my slip. 

But first, I need a steady wind. 

I cannot move, yet, 

floundering this way then that. 

Just when the wind seems steady, 

a gust blows me backwards. 

And so, I am hove to, 

I take down the sails 

And let the wind and sea 

Direct my journey. 

Hands off the wheel,

I surrender to the powers greater

Than mine. 

And my little boat. 

2 responses to “Surrendering to the Wind

  1. I’m not a big fan of surrendering to the greater powers… guess I don’t have the faith or belief that they/it will steer me in the right direction. I don’t believe what people tell me that I am right where I am supposed to be, that God, or whoever, puts us in this places for a reason… I don’t think so. If anything is going to change it is up to me and me alone. If I don’t like how things are then I have to change it. Someone once told me that the only things that go with the flow are dead fish! but then that is just my opinion at the moment… hope you are doing better and will hold onto whatever it takes for that to happen. much love and hugs. M.

  2. Ahh Michelle…. I will have to tell the story about surrendering involving my son and my ex sometime. Maybe a blog, or on the phone. But when I have nowhere to go, can’t think straight, have lost my grip, surrender has been my only option. Or drown. Surrender has worked for me. I’ve been beating my head against a wall, unsuccessfully. All I have is a headache and the wall stands. So I surrender.

    Big hugs. Hope all is ok with you. Xo

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