Secrets in the Stars


Touch me where the secrets lie
Hold me, and search for them.
They wait in the darkness,
For your light to find them.

Set them free
With the sparkle of your eyes
With the sweetness of your breath,
With the tenderness of your touch.

Secrets, unchained
Fill the spaces between us
Where do you end?
Where do I begin?

Our bodies connect
Each secret we release
Sends us closer to the stars.

By Deborah E. Dayen

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Daydreamin’ kind of Saturday
Golden laid back mellow
Melting into the sky and sun and breeze

Pleasant dreams are germinating
From a tiny pion inside my brain
To a sprout,
To a bud,
Then a bloom.

So, with eyes closed
Sit here in the sun
Let the dreams grow
Til they light up the landscape with their beauty.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture Shutterstock, via Google Images

A Few Words on Manifesting Your (and My) Life

Yesterday I spent the afternoon walking around the center of my little town, Gulfport, with my sister and her step-daughter, or as she calls herself, my step-niece. She’s a lovely woman, around 50. She’s had two battles with breast cancer, and a double mastectomy and has fibromyalgia, but her attitude is so positive and upbeat. She is a smart, happy woman.

When I walk around town with someone who has never been here before, I get to see the town through their eyes. Not that I take any of it for granted yet, but I do get used to seeing the building at the end of Beach Blvd, on the water, with a big sign over it, “Gulfport Casino” which is not a casino now, but a dance hall. This town is so “old” Florida. No high-rises, old Florida bungalows, old brick streets in many places. I took them to the marina district, and drove past Clam Bayou, a nature preserve which is on the edge of backwaters of the bay. It’s a great place for kayaking, and fishermen love it. There are some fishing piers built out into the water. I’ve been there, and watched fish leaping out of the water.

My sis and “step-niece” love my little town. It’s such a well-kept secret, and such a creative, liberal enclave here. My sis and I found, in a little store called the Beach Bazaar (which also houses a post office, lol) a bucket of driftwood, perfect for painting signs on. My sis has a wooden sign over her own back door to her deck which says “Scatter Kindness” and I’ve always loved it. So I bought a piece of driftwood, with the intention to paint my own sign on it for my back door, and carried it around town with me.

We were laughing because so many people stopped me on the street and asked me where I got it. My niece said, “Now you know how to meet people, lol. Just carry a piece of driftwood around.” I found out one lady who stopped me was from Fairfield CT, and was staying in Indian Rocks which is another beach community about a half hour away. She really wants to move here though. When she stopped me she said it reminded her of a sign one of her relatives had over their shop in Block Island, which is how we got into the conversation. Block Island was one of my favorite boating destinations. I have had a lot of fun over there.

My niece said it was amazing how quickly I’ve blended in with this community, and become part of it. I’ve been here just 5 months, so I guess she’s right. This morning I was thinking about that, and wondered why it was so easy for me. I think it’s like many things in my life, I just dreamed about it, consistently, imagining it happening. Imagining living in a place like this, in a small but cute house close to the water, in a creative town, meeting and hanging out with fun and very creative people. I did that all the time, as soon as the fact became apparent to me that I could move to a warmer place, near family, and never deal with winter again.

Manifestation. That’s what I did. I dreamed about it, and it manifested. Just like I dreamed about and manifested my son living with me and being free of his father. Just like I dreamed about and manifested my beautiful home in CT. And maybe, I’ve yet to know this for sure, I’ve manifested the kind of man I have wanted to have in my life. Maybe I’ve dreamed about that sufficiently and in enough detail that he’s shown up in my life. I do know if L is not that man, that I will meet him. I’ve got a good feeling about L though. 🙂

So this is the moral of this story, lol. What you think about is what you will manifest in your life. Thoughts are things, and like attracts like. It’s just the law of attraction, a real physical law. It’s what Rhonda Byrne wrote The Secret about. If you wish good things on everyone, and yourself, you will manifest good things for yourself. I truly believe that. You will get what you think about.

It works in reverse, too, which is why there is no neutral position with this law. My ex dreamed about ruining me financially, ruining my relationship with my son, and tried very hard at both of those things. The Universe (or whatever name you have for the greater consciousness) only hears the desire. It doesn’t then make the second step to how you want it for someone else. So….what he did is manifest his own ruin financially. And the ruin of his relationship with our son. It is sad to me, for many reasons, but I’ve discussed that at length in other blogs, and it’s way too much to add to this one. Suffice to say, it would have been nice to get to this point in my life with a life-partner, with someone I’d known since I was 18. But it didn’t happen. So, I am working on manifesting the rest of my life in such a way as it is happy, and rich, and full and loving.

So far so good.

Just remember, in the words of Mike Dooley ( who is a contributor to the book The Secret, “Thoughts become things. So think the good ones!”

Love and light, everyone.

Dreams, Again. Good Ones.

I’m sitting here in my sisters living room, sipping on a cup of coffee, with not much on my mind this morning. I slept well last night, even though I woke up a couple times, I got back to sleep. I couldn’t go sit outside this morning, because although it’s a beautiful morning, everything is soaked. I guess there must have been some dense fog earlier. It’s still humid and summerlike out, but not too hot. Love it….

I had some dreams and decided to look them up. One was about a letter I was trying to send to someone. I just remember seeing the envelope, but I’m not even sure who it was to. Dreammoods does not address under letters sending a completed letter, only writing one. I assume there is someone there I still have things to say to. But don’t know who it is, so I’ll let it go.

Another dream was about windows, 4 windows in a room, with the wood frame painted a different color on each, bright primary colors. They were big windows. That turns out to be kind of cool…Here’s what they said about windows and primary colors.

To see a window in your dream signifies bright hopes, vast  possibilities and insight. The size of the window is reflective of your outlook; a small window suggests that you tend to not get your hopes up too high when good things happen, while a large window symbolizes your openness to new experiences.

Colors in dreams represent energy, emotions, and vibes. First consider what that single color in your dream means to you and your own personal associations and relationship with that color. In general, pale pastel colors indicate weakness or subtlety. Dark colors represent passion and intensity. Bright colors mean awareness.

I like that…I am open to new experiences, true! And that I have some insight and awareness, well, that’s like my quest anyway.

Then I dreamed I had a big blister on my leg, maybe 2” in diameter, that was bleeding around the edges, but I managed to get it to stop.

To dream that you have a blister indicates that some minor annoyance or problem is draining your energy and time.

To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. It may also denote bitter confrontations between you and your friends.

To see your legs in your dream indicate that you have regained confidence to stand up and take control again. It also implies progress and your ability to navigate through life. To dream that your leg is broken, wounded or crippled signifies a lack of balance, autonomy, or independence in your life.

The only minor annoyance I can think of is the conversation I had with that quasi-friend the other night. It did leave me feeling emotionally drained, but I think the fact that the blister and bleeding were on my leg, shows that this interaction did upset me but that I am in control of my life and emotions.  Since I stopped the bleeding,I will interpret it all to be over and done with, and that I am not losing any sleep over it. Feeling in control of my own life. I feel confident and happy. And really….it was a minor annoyance anyway. Not major.

I’m happy to be remembering my dreams. With, I feel like I get some insight into my subconscious. I am happy to know that what the emotions and actions I am manifesting through my ego, are in tune with my subconscious. It feels balanced.

My sis and I are gonna go do a little Christmas shopping this morning. That should be fun, there are lots of cool little shops around here. Going to be an awesome day.

Love and light.

Last Night’s Dream Analysis

Well, not only sleeping last night, but dreaming as well. I dreamed that I was at a long table, with many people at it, eating a hot dog with all kinds of fixings on it, and found my ex-husband sitting next to me eating one as well. I remember looking at him and saying “Oh! I forgot you were here.” As usual when I dream of him (which is rarely) he said nothing. But watched me eat with the critical eye he always did. Which was actually funny, since he’s the one who got himself up to about 300 lbs.  But that was always about control, making me feel self-conscious, and unsure with hm.  It was never about how I looked.

Then I dreamed I was in a flower garden, with one of my best friends from up north, the friend who drove down here with me. Gosh I miss her. She is a wonderful gardener, and has planted flower gardens all over her 3 acres. Her deck and her house are full of plants and flowers. I gave her my house plants when I left.

So, it was off to

The hot dog dream was the weirdest, because my ex was in it. Here’s what they had to say.

Hot dog: To see or eat a hot dog in your dream is phallic symbol representing masculinity, sexual energy, and vigor.

Ex: In particular, to see your ex-husband/wife in your dream indicates that you are currently finding yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in. It suggests that you are experiencing a similar relationship or situation which makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable.

Eating: To dream that you are eating with others signifies harmony, intimacy, merriness, prosperous undertakings, personal gain, and/or joyous spirits.

So…sitting with my ex, eating a big hot dog. Well, we did have a good sex life, until we didn’t, and I am ready for another, that’s for sure. As for seeing him indicating that I find myself in a similar situation, well….Yeah, I did. I don’t now. I’m guessing that because I have had such a hard time completely letting go of S, and how much unhappiness, and uncomfortability that relationship has brought me, that’s the relationship that was in my subconscious. However, that is, for me, undone by the fact that I’m eating with others, signifying that I am now in harmony, and in a good place. I think that door is finally closed, and I am really open to something new in my life.

The garden with my friend…well, it’s a nice dream. It was a good dream, and it followed up the hot dog dream. Here’s what dreammoods has to say.

Garden: To see a flower garden in your dream represents tranquility, comfort, love and domestic bliss. You need to be more nurturing.

Friend: To see friends in your dream signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. In particular, to dream about your best friend means that you need to foster or acknowledge some special quality that your best friend has. Ask yourself what makes your best friend your best friend and how you need to work on these attributes within yourself. Alternatively, dreaming of a friend indicates positive news.

I think that dream is all about me nurturing. My friend is very nurturing. Witness the fact that she drove most of the way here, knowing I was pretty well spent after moving my son to CO, and packing my house, and leaving everything I’d known for 45 years in a matter of 3 weeks. I couldn’t be more grateful and loving toward her. She’s a true friend indeed.

Yesterday, I tried to pay that forward. I called my childhood friend who lives down here, and she was kind of depressed (she is prone to that). I asked her if she wanted to go shopping, and she said no….and then told me she just wanted to crawl in a hole and pull the cover over it. I said, OK, I’m coming to get you in an hour, and we’re gonna go get a bite to eat and a drink. So she’s the one I went to St. Pete beach with. I’m going to try to be more that way toward my friends.

Dreams are wonderful things, if we can just understand what they are trying to tell us. It’s all good.

Love and light.



Reach for me
You, whose face
I cannot yet see,
Find this place.

I wait, in colorful song
To know the beating of your heart.
Wondering, when I will belong
To the one who will be part

Of a life, long dreamed of
Not made manifest
Love rises above
Stories professed

Now, tell me a new one
When your path crosses mine
The story’s begun
It’s transcended time.

Out of Sight


Leaf blowing in the autumn wind
Chased, for it’s beauty
Glowing the bright colors of the earth.

She chased it, with all her breath
Racing with the wind
To catch up with the apparition.

It slowed, and she almost caught it.
Teasing, a sudden gust blew it
Just out of her reach.

Across golden fields she ran
Through dark forests,
Obscured by the fog.

Up hills strewn with rocks
Through meadows fragrant with flower
She chased the dream of holding the leaf.

Always, just out of her reach.
Finally, exhausted
She let go the desire

To hold the leaf, to feel every facet
To know it was real.
She watched, as it blew out of sight.

Letting Go of You, A Little Bit at a Time (A poem)

IMG_2193 (1)

Sunrise from the town dock, Longboat Key, Florida

I let it go
On the summer wind,
With the sun in my eyes,
I let it go.

I remembered what we did here.
I remembered how it felt then.
I smiled, and I cried, just a little.
I will always miss what was
and I will always miss what wasn’t.

But letting go is something I’m getting good at.
Knowing that letting go
Opens the space
For something new and wonderful
To come in.

Entering the autumn of my life,
I cling to summer.
So, I go where it is warm,
Where I’ll not be reminded
Of the summer dreams that
turned into nightmares.
Where new dreams will be born.

I wish you love and light,
I wish all good things for you.
Even though we don’t talk,
We talk, on levels we don’t understand.
I still feel you, all the time.
I hope you are happier than what I feel.

Let us both feel good about what was,
Just between us, when there was no one else.
Peace to you. Peace to me.
Love always and all ways.