Haiku No. 171: Connections Remain


Connections buzzing
In my ear, letting me know
They can’t be broken.

Life is vibrating
in unison with my heart
Dreams manifesting.

Intentions are set
Feel the energy flowing
Living like water.

Update on Maggie, the Kitty


I guess it’s have computer and blog, will write today.

I finally got an appointment for Maggie to get her surgery. Wednesday, Jan. 6. Yesterday she was really bleeding badly, so I confined her to my bathroom, brought her food and litter box up there. I felt guilty, but thought, it’s better than a cage, she can walk around. I made her a little bed with some old junk towels. At least the bathroom is easy to clean up.

Needless to say she was not happy about it, and at first cried and cried, but finally gave up. I went in every few hours and cleaned it and her up, and cuddled her.

This morning she seemed better. Not nearly as badly bleeding. I remembered I had some plastic drop cloths in the garage. I laid them out and cut them to cover my bedroom carpeted floor, including under my bed which is her hangout of choice. I let her out, confining her to my bedroom and the bathroom now. I can hear her up there, trying to get the door open. But she spends a lot of her time in my bedroom anyway, and I’m sure she’ll be more content there until Wednesday morning.

At this point, I just hope the surgery can resolve the problem, and that they don’t open her up and find out it’s spread all over. I’m hopeful because she has a good appetite and plenty of energy to try to open the door, lol.

I remembered, randomly, how Scott thought I should get rid of her because he was allergic to her. I remember thinking, I’ve had her for 7 years (at the time) and you for 6 months. And you are commitment phobic….. Take a Benadryl, or a Claritin. Can you imagine someone you dated for a few months asking that? Geezus. I wonder if he realizes how selfish a request that was?

Anyway, I am praying she’ll be ok with the surgery, and fixed, and I’ll be able to take her with me to Florida. I didn’t want her when I got her, because I didn’t want the responsibility of a pet, but I love her now. I would miss her a lot.

Well it will be what it will be.

I do have a lovely stone I want to wire wrap today. I have been prepping the wire, part of the process is to coil a smaller gauge wire around a larger gauge. Very time-consuming. It adds texture to the piece. I’ll post a picture of it when it’s finished.

I also want to start taking the Christmas decorations down. I am so ready to put them away, and get back to normal life. That being said, I am a kind of tired from my late night last night. Not really hung over, even though over 7 hours we did put away one martini at the hibachi grill and then we each had at least 3 glasses of wine at my house. I can say I was feeling no pain, but I also wasn’t really downright inebriated. Just had a good New Year’s buzz on. At any rate, I’m not thinking I’ll be taking down the tree today.

Hope everyone is having a decent New Year’s day.