Haiku No. 186: Manifesting Passion


Shimmering skin heats
Passions in the recesses
Where love is hidden.

Touching in the dark
Prescience forecasts the future,
Longings unfulfilled.

Dreams awake yearnings
Long asleep where abandoned
Wait to manifest.

By Deborah E. Dayen

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Haiku No. 185: Black Moon Rising


Black moon rises dark
Unseen, but still ascending.
Reflect and intend.

Begin new cycle
Combine the old with the new
Always, love all ways.

I knew that it was the new moon, but when I did a little google search I found out this is a “black moon” today, because it’s the 2nd new moon this month. The last “black moon” was in March 2014.  During the new moon, the moon rises with the sun, and travels across the sky with it, so it is unseen.  New moons are always the time when we should reflect on our lives and set our intentions.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz

I had a wonderful night. I didn’t lock eyes with anyone, lol, but I did meet a lot of people, including men, my age! The woman who emceed the open mic night was introduced to me, and when she introduced my friends, Pat and Beth, to sing, she announced that there was a new person there, ME, a friend of the “ Gulfport’s legendary Pat and Beth”. Everyone clapped, it was pretty funny, really. Then Pat and Beth sang “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin and said it was a request from me, lol.

It kind of was. We had been sitting talking before it all started, and I asked them if they knew Mercedes Benz. They loved the idea, but wanted me to get up with them. I don’t do “standing up in front of a lot of people.” Lol NO. They kind of got into a discussion of Joplin songs and I said, “How about Take Another Little Piece of My Heart?” Beth, who was a professional singer, got all excited and immediately broke into the song, sitting at our table, and Pat joined her. So they sang it for me, lol.

The next person to sing was Jerry. I’m not sure how the name is spelled because I was informed she was our local transexual….dressed as a woman, but sounding like a man. She had a nice voice. But in the middle of her song, it began to rain, so people were running around trying to get the equipment in out of the rain under the canopy. Finally we all realized it was going to rain for awhile, and we all went inside the restaurant, which is tiny. Most of their seating is outside. But about 25 of us fit in there, and a kid with a banjo showed up and began playing and singing, he was really good! It was so cool. A few other people sang after that, we were all singing along, toe-tapping. Jerry finally got to sing her songs, and we were sitting at a table with her. She is quite funny, I enjoyed talking with her. She is a regular there.

Finally we ran out of singers, but Pat, Beth and I were in a conversation with another singer, a woman named Sherry, who actually goes on the road and plays gigs. She just got back from a 9 week road trip, and she’s my age. There were a couple more people still in the restaurant, though by now it had stopped raining. Beth decided we all needed to sing Mercedes Benz, so we started and pretty soon, everyone was singing it, people came in from outside to sing it with us! It was so fun! As it ended our friend Art, who dates my bff from high school though she lives in Iowa, showed up. He’d been waiting for the rain to end to come down.

It was still early, the now 4 of us decided to go to another place that may have karaoke, and we were hungry anyway. The place didn’t have karaoke because there was a football game on, so the karaoke wouldn’t start until the game was over, and we were all too tired, to wait any longer. By now it was 11. So we piled in my car and drove back to my house.

Beginning to feel not so much an outsider here. I met a man who was born in CT, and truth be told, most everyone there is a transplant. I met a woman who does not live far from me, at least my age, maybe older, who wears her hair in two long braids. She knew my street (not everyone does because it’s a block long, lol) because the Gulfport community garden is a few lots down the street from me. It’s a whole bunch of aging hippies who want nothing to do with winter and now just live in the moment, enjoying life, being creative, making friends. There are no egos, at least none that seem to want to dominate the world, lol.

Life is good. Every day I am more glad that I made this decision. Love and light, all.

Here’s Hopin’


I love not working. I can write as long as I want in the morning. I can go see the sunrise, and walk after, or not. I can just putz around the house, I can run an errand if I want. My time is my own and it’s wonderful. This morning, I ran to Walmart, and picked up some prescriptions. I made an appt with an endocrinologist not far from here. Then I came home, wrote a little, and then continued putting up stuff on my walls, straightening out some closets and shelves. Organizing, making it mine, but not under any pressure. No timetable. Time barely exists for me any more. It’s awesome.

This morning I was checking out at Walmart, the checker was a young nice looking black man. When he saw my necklace, which is a shell lariat I made a couple years ago, he just stared at it, and complemented me on it. I told him I made it, and he showed me a pendant he had on that he had wrapped. He asked what kind of wire to use, and asked me if I sell my stuff. Asked me if I made my earrings (Yes, I did.). I looked at his pendant, it was pretty cool. He said after, “I never let anyone touch this, but you were supposed to, I’m sure.” Which was such a complement! I said, “Well, I’m a reiki master, lets hope it was pure good energy.” He smiled and said, “that’s why you were supposed to touch it.”

What a lovely encounter, especially for Walmart! Kinda made my morning!

I don’t really know what I need for furniture besides a kitchen table and a tv stand. Maybe a cabinet to display my collection of Lenox China shells, and fishes, and flowers and birds. Once I get all the empty boxes out of here, and the ones I’m not opening yet, like Christmas stuff, put away, then I can see what I need, and where.

I’m going out to open mic night at the Mangia Cafe. My friend Pat, and her friend Beth, who used to sing the blues professionally, are both going to sing tonight. I’ve not heard Beth sing yet, but the word is that she’s fabulous. She introduced Pat to Beth Hart, who introduced her to me, and now I’m a huge fan. I’ll be the clapper, again tonight. 🙂 It’s such a laid back atmosphere. Not much drinking goes on, they are really more of a vegetarian restaurant, but they have this great outdoor space. They have a few wines and beers, IPA’s. I love balmy tropical nights. All I need is someone to share them with, lol. Besides my girlfriends, lol.

Here’s hopin’. Maybe tonight, who knows?

Love and light.


Broad Horizons and Tropical Downpours

A stiff, damp, southwesterly breeze, is pointing the sterns of the boats at me, alone at the end of the fishing pier, save a couple fishermen on the other end. 

The sky is turning pinks and golds again, dotted with gray clouds, shaded pink where they face the rising sun. Thunderheads appear to be building offshore again, but here the sky is blue, with gray clouds around me but not over me. 

I love that the horizon here is almost as large as the horizon when you’re offshore. 

I close my eyes and chant So Hum silently for a few minutes, my face to the dawn. “I Am”.  I need to remember. Then, I say thank you to the powers that be, that I am here, at this place in my life.  That I was given the strength and help I needed to follow this dream. 

I open my eyes. The sky is glowing pink. The flag on the flag pole next to me is clanking as the wind picks up. 

The boat closest to me flies  French flag on its stern, although the U S flag flies on the mast. It was apparently big news in his small town. The name of the boat is supposedly “LOL” though there is no name on its transom. 
People seem to come here and anchor out for a few days at a time.  Why not?  It’s a lovely town, there’s a dinghy dock at the dance hall. 

Just as the sun breaks over the horizon, one of the gray clouds sneaks up behind me and a tropical downpour begins. I wait for a few moments after the first drops fall, to see if it will actually rain. The rain becomes consistent so I make my way back down the pier, getting pretty soaked. But it felt good, refreshing.  As I get into my car, it stops, of course. 

Time to go back home. 

Love and light everyone.