A Meadow Full of Hope

meadow of flowers

Silence reaches out
Beckoning peace
Tender tendrils of the space
Between words
Allowing breath
To rise and fall to the rhythm of the universe.

It comes not easily
Waiting for the stillness
That evades the mind.

The mind filled with thoughts
Of yesterday’s pain
And today’s challenges.
Let the thoughts float by
Only watching them,
Not reaching for them.

Hope will settle in
A meadow filled with budded flowers
Creating extraordinary beauty
Where there was nothing.

Peace will follow hope
In the stillness between thoughts
Between breaths.
Let it be.
Let it be.

I’ve been working at this, for the last few days.  Letting go of the things that I cannot change about the last couple weeks.  Being hopeful about the new things that I find in my path.  I find myself in the meadow of flower buds, full of possibility of real beauty.  Namaste.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Shutterstock via Google Images

An Evening Out


The evening air was sultry.
Sea breezes blew across our shoulders
from the bay
From beyond,
Giving us respite from the heat of the day.

Quiet music charmed the diners
As we sipped our tea
And carried on intimate conversations,
Or laughed together,
And met new people,
Under the lights strung through the trees
Like twinkling stars.

We clapped our hands
For the singers
Who got up and sang for free
For the joy of singing.
Only happiness and contentment
Filled the air.

Sometimes it’s not that way
Sometimes it’s more raucous
With singers belting out the blues
Or rock and roll,
And people dancing.

But not that night.
That night was just laid back
And perfect.
Evoking memories
Of hot summer nights
In another life
Long ago and far away
And intimate conversations
Under the stars
With people that I loved,
Still love.

There is a continuum,
From then to now.
The energy and the love survive all,
Love always, and all ways.

Peace and Some Blessings

Thank you all for the thought and wishes. They are so much appreciated.

I am oddly at peace today. I am so happy she went peacefully in her sleep. And after my visit to the psychic, in which my father said he was there with her every day, I know she and he are together, that she is whole again, and at peace. She had a long and good life, which she made for herself, and the help of the universe.

She’s being cremated in Florida, and then at some point we will all meet in Virginia where her remains will be buried next to my father. So, there is no rush to get down there, it is simple and easy, just the way she would have liked it.

I am exhausted today. My phone was ringing like crazy this morning, and I had a lot of work to do in the house too. I slept only a few hours last night, but tonight I think I’ll sleep easily. I feel her love wrapped around me like a blanket.

Been thinking so much about what’s important in life, and what isn’t. And really…not much is except the love of your family and friends, and their health and welfare. I hope I go peacefully in my sleep.

I was very glad I’d been to the gong meditation last night. I think it helped me to be in a place to accept. I have done so much of my major healing there, from many things. I am making a conscious effort to stop blogging the painful breakup with S. I really feel it’s over and done, and right now feel there’s nothing more to say about it. Of course…..I have been known to have a random thought that needs working out, lol.

One of the blessings of this blog, aside from being a venue to work out my own thoughts and issues, is the number of friends I have made, from all over the world, and a few close by me, who have experienced the same thing. Unlikely friends, we are united by a common experience. It just goes to show that we are all, really, part of the one great thing.

I had to draw my own conclusions from the information I could glean from such “reliable sources” such as Facebook, my own blogs, trying to sync dates and events. I know that not all the conclusions are correct, or the way it was. When I have found out that I was not accurate, I have tried to own it and make it right.   I do think that the broad strokes of the picture I got and wrote was fairly accurate.  You guys are so great, you have kept me on the straight and narrow when my own judgment was severely clouded, and supported me at times when I felt completely alone.  I am so grateful.