Haiku No. 164: Living in the Flow

gliding in the moonlight

Gliding in moonlight
Floating with sun in my eyes
Pliable, content.

Riding on ebb tide
Let the water carry me
Trust it knows its way.

Old pain receding
Water soothing my tired soul
Renewing my joy

By Deborah E. Dayen

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Half-Moon Light

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Half-moon light.

That pale white light

Illuminating the otherwise dark of night.

Pours through my skylight,

Lighting up my room

So I am not afraid of the dark anymore.

So many nights,

I lay in fear of the darkness.

It allowed in all the memories I tried to forget.

This moon, this half moon light

relegates those old memories to a past life.

They are like an old dream,

An old movie.

Just a fantasy

Never based in truth.

The moonlight allows me the freedom

To see things as they are.

Real.  Good.