Morning Stars and Hurricanes

Hard time waking up this morning.  I was in such a deep sleep.  I don’t use an alarm, and woke at my regular time, around 5:15 AM, or 5:30, but I kept dozing off for minutes, again, and I slept well, and 7 hours.  It’s as if the many nights I have slept badly are all trying to get undone.  There was a text from S, about 10 minutes after I shut off the light next to my bed, that I didn’t even hear the alert for.  Dead to the world.

When I finally crawled out of bed, shaking the cobwebs from my head, and wandered into the kitchen, it was very dark, darker than normal, because it’s a rainy dank week, and very cloudy.  But the skies must have cleared for a moment in just the spot where the last morning star this time of year shines.  I looked out my kitchen window, as I made coffee and saw it shining, like a beacon, like a gift.  One beautiful star…..It was gone again moments later,covered over again by clouds.

A little gift from the universe.  As was finding the text from S when I woke up.  As are a lot of things I often don’t bother to be grateful for.

We’re supposed to get Hurricane Joaquin Sunday night and Monday.  It’s now a Cat 3 storm.  Not likely at all that it will miss us completely.  This weekend will be storm preparations, even today, I’m going to go to the store and stock up on water, and foods that I can prepare in advance of having no power for a few days.  I live about 30 or 40 miles from the coast as the crow flies.  It wont be the worst, but we’ll feel it.  Last tropical storm we had 4 years ago we lost power for 3 days, and that was a short time, many were out a week or more.  UGH.

I’ll keep in mind the morning star….and know that it’s there under the clouds.  And will return, when the storm is over.

How Quickly Things Change

The day was dripping with sunshine.

Like a hot butterscotch sauce,

it made everything glow,

and shimmer,

Ripples of heat were visible on the surface of the ocean,

Creating a layer of ghostly white mist between the sea and the sky,

Islands in the distance rose from that mist.

Even the waves had melted down into a smooth undulating dance,

reflecting the golden blue sky above.

She sat, reading a book about winter,

Reveling in the summer heat.

It was glorious…..

She fell asleep to the caress of the last of the summer breeze

and the song of the waves as they lapped the shore.

Suddenly, she woke up.

Where was she?

The brilliant day was gone,

the butterscotch sky had given way to charcoal clouds.

The breeze had stiffened, enough to create real waves

crashing on the shore.

Umbrellas were blowing around on the beach,

Anxious mothers packing up bags,

calling children from the water.

Sunburned bathers running for their cars.

She got up, folded her beach chair

She picked up her book, her bag,

Headed for her car,

She turned once more to glance

back at the sea.

A zig-zag bolt of lightning announced the time.

Time to run.

An enormous clap of thunder echoed down the sound.

A hard stiff wind picked up everything not held down.

People yelling over the noise for their children

For their loved ones.

“Run run……”

She got to her car, facing the water.

She sat there, watching,

as the world turned on the once happy beach lovers.

In a moment, the joy of a perfect summer day


As if it were a dream.

Sheets of rain, a cacophony of thunder, and wind, and angry waves

Causing chaos now.

How quickly things can change, she thought.

Nothing lasts forever.