Some Things Need to End, So Others Can Begin

It’s been a quiet day for me on this blog. I had a bunch of stuff that was unresolved, didn’t want to really blog about it. Stuff that’s been rolling around for a few days, maybe even 2 weeks. Anyway, I’ve been bombarded by some energetic stuff lately, and it was making me a little crazy. So I talked to my good friend who is a medium, and a psychic, and Karuna II Reiki master, Tarot card reader. It’s how she makes a living. I have known her about 8 or 9 years, we are close. This morning, instead of writing, I asked her for a reading on some of the issues I was having. We talked for over an hour, and she refused to charge me.

The rest of the day, I spent sorting out the information I got. It’s very personal, I can’t go into it here, but I’ll just say that I felt relieved and melancholy when we were done. What she said made perfect sense to me. And the overall message was, stay the course. Stay it with my personal life, with my creativity, with the way I am creating my life down here. And also acceptance of what is, and nurturing myself.

She also talked about how it’s the new moon Thursday. I knew it was soon, had lost track of the fact that it is Thursday. Time to set new intentions. Especially this month. January is of course a 1, the first month. The year, 2017, also reduces to a 1. 1’s are new beginnings, time to start new projects, new relationships. So a good part of my day has been spend creating a list of intentions. I told her I was going to write them down.

Speaking of relationships, last night I sent a text to the man I had lunch with yesterday, thanking him for the lunch and the laughs, telling him I had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again. This morning I got a text from him with his correct phone number. He’d told me he would do that, since the phone he’d been using was not his, his had been being repaired. Then when I got to my sisters, he called me, after asking in a text if he could. So sweet, well mannnered. But funny!!! OMG, we laughed the whole time. We seem to get each other’s sense of humor. Anyway, it was a nice surprise, to have him call.

I got to my sisters about 3:45. We went in the pool which was at 90. It was not real warm today, probably in the low 70’s. But the pool was nice. And we spent a long time in her hot tub with a glass of red wine! LOL. It’s a rough life, lol. I made a pot roast in the crock pot yesterday and brought it with me, so we didn’t have to cook dinner, we just heated it up. It was delicious!!!

So, life is still good. I’m enjoying my sister and brother-in-law, it’s been about 3 weeks maybe since I’ve seen them. Feeling my mother’s presence so much today. Interesting day, and a good one. Many things I need to put to rest, so I can move forward with the new moon. I think I can do it now.

Love and light, all.

Playing the Numbers



I’ve been playing with numerology for the last couple of days. I guess it got started by the dream I had where I was going from Exit 12 to Exit 11. I started looking up what the numbers meant. I found out how to find your lifepath number. You just add all the digits of your birthday, month, day, year, together, and then reduce them to a single digit. Unless…they add up to 11 or 22 which are master numbers and not therefore reduced.

So…my birthdate is April 19, 1951 – 4/19/1951

4+1+9+1+9+5+1 = 30

3+0 = 3

Once you get a single digit go to this site and see what it says about your number.

I would have pasted the info here, but it’s a little long.

So far everyone I’ve done has been right on the money. I mean, so on the money I am shocked! I did it with a bunch of co-workers, and they were all right perfect.

I’m a 3…and I think that it describes me pretty well. My son is also a 3. My ex is an 8, and it describes him well….all about money. He was a good businessman for many years, til he became a better alcoholic. Scott is a 7. And yeah, 7 describes his best self. The one I always saw, trying to throw off the dark layers, always unsuccessfully. The one I knew. The one I still and always will love. My little sister is a 3 like me. She and I are so similar, we even look alike. My older one is a 1. And she is the quintessential 1.

So it is kinda fun, an interesting distraction from the norm.

In other news…….

The new guy, who worked so hard to get me to say ok, has not called yet. Whatever….LOL. I had some very dapper man from Mexico City hit on me tonight, lol. He was sweet, in his mesage and sexy and tall in his pictures, lol. Too bad he’s not closer, lol, and oddly I don’t think he was a scammer. I’m pretty good at weeding them out.

Trying to get insurance for my house in Florida. There are not many companies that write homeowners insurance there. And I find out that if you want to insure against wind damage, it’s a separate policy. But I’m going to look at the inspection report closer on the roof, I don’t know if I really need it. My roof is brand new. Still, it should cost me under $1000 a year.

Life moves on. And I move…Onward.

Love and light, all….